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C. Act without acting


Always, he keeps the people without intellect or desire.

If you want to be a superhuman, in which world would you like to be one?

The more you want to be special, the more difficult it will be for you to abandon the concept of an objective world.

That's why the sage stays away from "intellect" and "desire".

These two are too easily mistaken for something personal, something you possess.

If you think they belong to you, you are refusing the cycle.

Then, you create resistance and emit less energy.

Less energy will manifest in your hologram.

This means that the sage refrains from acting.

Act without acting, and you will control all.

For the same reason, "the sage refrains from acting".

You project your hologram. Inevitably, it is nothing but perfect.

You are in the state of Satori, in perfect harmony with everything, unless you refuse to think so.

If you feel unsatisfied, it is simply because you impose yourself the silly dichotomy of good and bad.

Would you like to act on your world? But, why?

It is already perfect. You have got a perfect hologram.

Acting on it means refusing it. Frustration that follows refusal is a waste of energy.

"Life doesn't go on as you want", some may say.

Instead of this, why don't we think as life goes?

It is an application of Reverse Thinking. (☞See [Practical Uses] Reverse Thinking)

Is it too difficult to say "Life is perfect." all the time?

This total submission to life (=your hologram) is consequently a powerful way to change it because you are the one who creates it.

It is useless to ask a character in a movie to change the course of the story.

The only person who can do it is the director outside the fiction. Stop acting as a character in your hologram and start behaving as a creator of it.

But, how?

The answer is by acting without acting 為無為 ([wei wu wei] in Chinese), 無為を為す ([mu i o nasu] in Japanese).

It means the complete acceptance of your hologram.

Your hologram is perfect as it is. You don't need to change it.

Just accept it. It is better if you do it with respect and gratification. It is much better if you love it.

The more we think about it without resistance, the more energy we can emit.

After all, this is the goal of all.

Here is the answer to a famous Zen quip "think without thinking".

You must not rack your brains. You just accept all.

Then, you can emit the fundamental energy. That's why we live.

We are perfectly "controlling" all of our hologram all the time.

We simply forget the fact.

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