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C. Hologram and Tao


<POINT> The holography and Tao the energy are interdependent. The hologram needs the energy. It functions as a catalyst in order that we can emit more of the energy.

The more it moves, the more comes out.

What we believe to be our reality is, in fact, our holograms. Please don't take the word hologram as a pejorative.

Though it does not exist really, it is not less important than our idea of what we call the reality.

To emit the fundamental energy, we need some stimulation, a king of target.

When your emotion is moved, agitated in a sublime way, your being can emit more of the energy.

Then, the energy (=Tao) will come back to you like the physical phenomenon of action / reaction.

Buddhists think that their hologram is the manifestation of the energy (=Buddha, Love, Mercy, Tao, or whatever you would like to call).

Once the emitted energy manifests itself in the form of a hologram, a man should receive it with respect and gratitude.

Understanding and accepting this mechanism, and then consciously participating in it is called "Satori".

For this circulation of the energy, everything exists. Everything in our hologram, even our own selves.


This cycle and recycle of the energy is what Buddhists enigmatically call reincarnation.

The story of birth and re-birth has been mystifying and fascinating Orientals and Occidentals alike for long time, but should be regarded as a Hoben [a measure which Buddha uses to save the yet enlightened; a metaphor].

It has interestingly become better known than the idea that it is supposed to be promoting.

Ironically, the metaphor took over the place of the concept and has come to mislead people.

Time and space only exist in our mind (=our hologram). They don't exist in Buddha's love (=Tao).

The more words you use, the more exhausted you get.


Words represent analytical mind.

This attitude reinforces your own self, which is part of the hologram.

The more aware you are of your own self in the hologram, the more involved you are in it.

Consequently, it is more difficult to recognise the world around you as a hologram. You are stuck in there.

«Analysis = Refusal»

In this sense, analyzing is a sort of refusing.

It is contrary to accepting the hologram (=the so-called reality, the world) and receiving the energy (=Tao, Buddha, Love) through it.

The more words you use to express Tao, the more energy you waste.

Lao Tzu says, "If you can talk about Tao, that Tao is not Tao itself" (Ch.1).

Hopefully, you enjoy this contradiction. It is useless to write about Tao. That's exactly the reason why numbers of books on Tao have been written.

(Any art form whose name ends with "do" like Judo and Kendo is somehow related to Taoism since the word "do" is the Japanese pronunciation for Tao)

The best way is to stay empty.

Please don't hurriedly take "empty" for "Say nothing." or "Do nothing".

Yes, it does mean it eventually, but the thought process to reach the conclusion should be explained.

The beginning of everything is Tao, which can be interpreted as nothingness or emptiness.

Both of them have some blemishes respectively to describe Tao correctly.

The word "nothingness" might give you the idea that Tao doesn't exist. this is wrong.

Tao does exist. It doesn't exist as a tangible object.

Tao is the fundamental source of the creation of your hologram, but it doesn't exist there.

The hologram is a manifestation of Tao. Tao is not part of the hologram (=the world).

«Abandon the absolute world»

As for "emptiness", the problem is that it might give you an impression that Tao may have some space and the space is empty. This is not right, either.

It will let you think about the world around you.

Abandoning the idea of the absolute world surrounding you is the first step to be one with Tao.

It seems to be difficult, or even sounds outrageous and ridiculous, but think about Galileo Galilei.

It was not so long ago we thought the earth was the centre of the universe.

Well, abandoning the absolute and objective world could be as preposterous as refusing the geocentrism at that time.

What do you think? Would you like to be laughed at by the people in the future about your stubbornness while sticking to the belief of the one and only absolute world?

Not only the people in the future, but some people in the past like Zen masters may laugh at our blind faith in the objective world.

«Tips to abandon it»

Abandoning it is not so difficult as it seems.

You can find many tips in conventional wisdom like respecting others.

Respecting others means respecting their subjective worlds. However ridiculous their opinions are, they are true in their own hologram and should be respected.

Once you have abandoned the absolute world, it is easy to accept the idea that the world you see is a hologram you create.

If you can accept it, you are no longer stuck in your own hologram.

This is the state of Satori and you are one with Tao. (Though you are always one with Tao, you often forget it)

To go a step further, can you accept another "horrendous" idea that you are creating your hologram (=the world)?

It is totally understandable if you cannot. It is natural that you don't want to think that you are creating all the miseries and atrocities you see on TV.

There, you must not judge anything, especially, yourself.

Tao is neutral. There is no guilt.

«Personal "Big bang"»

Now, you know you are as neutral as Tao and as powerful as anyone. You are in the state before you project your hologram, that is to say, before things are created.

It is your personal "Big bang". When you get rid of time from the history of the cosmos, it could be the true one.

Everything is being created eternal "here and now".

This is "to stay empty". This is "the best way".

At this stage, you know that you are creating your hologram perfectly and the world (=your hologram) is perfect (because you don't judge).

So, you don't need to say something to complain. You don't have to do anything to change the world.

(☞See Chapter 14 Tao is evasive. «Personal "Big Bang"» is mentioned there.)

«The cheapest way to Satori»

It is relatively easy to get there, but it is harder "to stay" there.

The real "challenge" is to be aware 24 hours a day that this world is your hologram.

Surely, it is difficult, but it is worth doing, or at least trying.

Hopefully, you will try it.

You don't need to go anywhere, to buy anything, or to pay money to register yourself.

It is definitely the cheapest way to Satori, or enlightenment, and probably the easiest way.

Lao Tzu has never said it is difficult to be one with Tao.

No great Zen masters have asked any contribution for Satori.

The reason is quite simple. It's because you are Tao itself. All you have to do it just remembering it.

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Some things must be told whether the society likes them or not. Thank you, Mr Galileo for heliocentrism, Mr Pribram for the holonomic brain model, Mr Benveniste for the homeopathic digital memory of water, and Ms Mctaggart for telling us those amazing innovations in «The Field». Don't miss the book, please. It will give you scientific insights on Tao and Zen.

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