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Male & Female; Life is a prayer wheel


<POINT> The distinction between males and females exists in order to let us learn that it is meaningless. Everything is one. They are part of your hologram, which is Tao's prayer wheel.

The gate of Dark Depth Female is called the root of heaven and earth.

As the valley of the female anatomy lets in the peak of the male organ, the emptiness accepts your hologram.

Tao is the source of your hologram. The process Tao the energy manifests in the hologram is called Dark Depth Female.

The key to be one with Tao and complete Dark Depth Female successfully is a total acceptance.

You abandon your "self" and let others transform themselves. You dare not try to fight against anyone and achieve anything. This kind of resistance blocks the natural flow of the fundamental energy Tao.


You can call it destiny if you want, but you have to know that you are the one who creates it.

You are the master of your own destiny, but you don't try to dictate it directly. Let Dark Depth Female take care of the business.

In other words, the destiny you create is always perfect. All you have to do is to remember that.


A good example is Kawabata's Komako the onsen geisha. She knows how to accept her destiny without resistance.

She accepts the index finger of Kawabata's alter-ego in her body. That's how he remembers her. She doesn't complain about her own hologram, or destiny. She just live what comes  about. Lao Tzu may say this is a sage's way.

A man meets a woman. They learn everything is meaningless. They have fun meaninglessly. And they say good-bye to each other.

«Love is ephemeral. That's why it is eternal»

Lady Murasaki's «The tale of Genji» tells you how ephemeral a true love between a man and a woman is. But it is precisely because of this we learn Love is eternal.

In the floating world Ukiyo, the first lesson might be to learn time doesn't exist.

«Time is existence»

Master Dogen says time is existence (the chapter of Uji in his Shobogenzo). Existence is a hologram. Therefore time is part of a hologram, which is an illusion.

Your hologram is a catalyst. It is there to give you opportunities to send more Love, which is Tao, the fundamental energy.

«Prayer Wheel»

Life is a equivalent to a prayer wheel in Buddhism. You don't have to buy one at an on-line shopping site. You don't have to go to a Buddhist temple in Tibet to get one, either. You have already got one.

Every time you send Love (=Tao, the fundamental energy), you turn the wheel.

The wheel is there to be turned. Your life is a hologram to be turned.

It doesn't matter what kind of life you lead. You have only to turn it.

The simplest way to do it is to accept the hologram (=your reality, the so-called world).

The life is your prayer wheel.

With no limit, it always stays here.

However much you use it, you will never drain it.

Tao is omnipresent. Tao exists without time and space. Tao has no limit.

«Life = Hologram = Prayer Wheel»

Our life is a catalyst that stimulates us to emit more of the fundamental energy (=Tao, =Love). Turn your prayer wheel of life is changing your hologram. Every time you turn it or change it, you emit the energy, which sustains all the existence (=your hologram, =the prayer wheel). All are part of a circle or a cycle.

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[Chapter 6 Valley God]  B. Male and Female; Life is a prayer wheel

To the Japanese, Tao is the way of divine power. It comes out naturally. In the floating world, everything natural is divine. For example, lust. Shunga, which means "a Spring picture", is the source of energy as nature wakes up in spring. Shunga wakes up your soul. 春画