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Empty spirit

Tao Te Ching Chapter 6-1
Empty spirit / Valley God
Valley God exists any time any where.


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"Valley God" is a literal English translation for 谷神 ([gŭ shén] in Chinese, [koku shin] in Japanese / Hopefully, your browser can show the characters correctly. / 谷 [gŭ, koku]means "valley". 神 [shén, shin] means "god, spirit")

The word "valley" symbolizes emptiness.

But emptiness doesn't mean nothing exists there.

The empty space is full of energy. It is a "field" (Zero Point Field?).

The world is the empty space.

The fact that Lao Tzu knew it more than two thousand years ago surprised Fritjof Capra, and he wrote a book called "Tao of Physics".

Anyway, my question is where is Valley God, or the space.

It is inside your mind. It is a hologram.

That's exactly why it is called Valley God, empty spirit.


-In Chapter 4a Masters hit your face, Zero Point Field is mentioned.

-Field 4-1 is also about quantum physics.

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Kitaro Nishida and Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki were good friends. They were friends from high school. They met each other at Ishikawa-ken Senmon Gakko. The school later changed its name to Dai 4 Koto Gakko, which literally means "the forth high school". It was one of the most prestige high schools in Japan before WW2. The school was closed in 1950. Its tradition was spiritually inherited by Kanazawa University. Nishida was part of the founding members of Koa Kogyo University, now called Chiba Institute of Technology. «An Inquiry into the good» on the left is the same book as «A Study of Good». The book shines as the beacon of modern Japanese philosophy. Kitaro Nishida was an excellent thinker and black sheep where many people say "A good one doesn't 'think'. One who 'thinks' is not good".

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 6-2
Dark Depth Female
This is called Dark Depth Female. (Ch.6)

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The sentence follows the one that we discussed in the video before this (Empty spirit / Valley God 6-1).

So, it means:

Valley God = Dark Depth Female

Dark Depth Female is a literal English translation for 玄牝 [gen pi / hsüan pin / xuán pìn] (☞See Chapter 56c Dark Depth and Chapter 10e Dark Depth Female for details).

This is a fascinating Taoist technique to control your reality without controlling it.

In order to change the world (=your hologram), a female-like passivity is, in fact, quite active a way.

You suppress your resistance and accelerate the transformation of the hologram.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 6-3
The root of heaven and earth
The gate of Dark Depth Female is called the root of heaven and earth. (Ch.6)

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As I mentioned in the previous video (Dark Depth Female 6-2),

Dark Depth Female = Valley God (empty spirit / emptiness).

Now, if you add the word "gate" to the former, it becomes:

The gate of Dark Depth Female = the root of heaven and earth.

"Heaven and earth" is very often read as your hologram.

So, it means that the starting point of emptiness is where the hologram is originated.

In short, Tao is the origin of the hologram.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 6-4
No limit
With no limit, it always stays here. (Ch.6)

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In the previous video "The root of heaven and earth 6-3", we discussed "The gate of Dark Depth Female".

The image of "a gate" and "a female" makes me think about Japanese Zen monk Ikkyu's poem.

If I ever forget about the deep kindness of Ya of Shin's,

I will keep on reincarnating in a bestial body forever.

"Ya" in this poem suggests "a female gate" or "a feminine valley".

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 6-5
No drain
However much you use it, you will never drain it. (Ch.6)

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No matter how much Tao you use, you will never drain it. There is no limit in Tao.

Then, why do we create "limit" like Yin and Yang, female and male?

Because it is the prayer teaching us the meaninglessness of dichotomy.

The prayer is not just something written.

The world, your hologram, is a prayer, a living prayer wheel.

We turn the prayer wheel of male and female. It never stops turning.

That's all. That's enough.

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