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Heaven’s gate opens/closes

Can you love people or govern a state without acting?

When you love someone, when you love all, you don't have to do anything.

Your feeling of loving them is ultimate.

It is the pure fundamental energy of Tao unless you have the desire of possessing them or controlling them.

"A state" in the quotation should be read as your hologram.

You are the one who projects the hologram. Of course, you can make it up as you like. In fact, you are creating it as you like whether you know it or not.

It is always perfect even if you find it far from it.

Your feelings are part of the hologram like clouds in the sky.

Since it is perfect, you don't need to touch it.

The act of changing your hologram from within is a waste of energy, an unnecessary resistance.

You are changing it from outside constantly because it is projected inside your mind.

In the so-called reality, you don't have to change anything at all. You are changing all without knowing it.

Heaven's gate opens and closes.

The gate is, precisely, the entrance and exit of your hologram.

The image is created and disappears.

The expression "open and close" should be treated carefully.

It indicates not only the creation of your hologram but also the involvement of your own self.

No matter how hard it is for some people, it is necessary to accept that your self is part of the hologram.

If you don't know it and are fully involved in your hologram, you cannot stop being affected by it, not to mention suffering from it.

Once in a while, you have to close the gate and stay away from your hologram (=the world) to remember that there is something more important called Tao.

On the other hand, too much negation and despise of your hologram (=the world) is not in the least desirable, which is often the case with some hermits and ascetics.

The hologram is a manifestation of Tao, the fundamental energy, or your Love.

It is better if you appreciate it and accept it with gratitude, which means that you re-circulate the energy.

The sage used to use the word "play". You don't fight in your reality. You play there.

Knowing that your true being (=Tao) is not part of it and therefore you are not stuck there, well, just to have fun, you participate in your hologram.

Heaven's gate opens and closes. You jump in and hop out to play there.

The gate is also called the gateway to various surprises of Tao (☞See Chapter 1 Gateway to Tao)

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