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E. Dark Depth Female


Can you act female?

Passiveness is an important concept when you want to apply Tao in your day-to-day life.

It is symbolized with the word "Female".

It is quite arguable whether female animals are passive or not.

The important thing is the idea of acceptance that you may associate them with when you see mammals' act of reproduction of the species.

Being passive in your hologram is not passive at all.

A hologram is just an illusion like a movie.

You can't ask the seven samurai not to risk their lives for the sake of protecting poor but shrewd peasants however much you prefer not seeing Toshiro Mifune slain in the Seven Samurai film.

You should have asked the director Akira Kurosawa to reconsider its ending and let our funny samurai-wanna-be hero survive.

Acting directly on your hologram to achieve your goal is like jumping into the film and brandishing your katana sword along with samurai.

It's as funny as this, but that's what we do.

And quite often we get frustrated because things do not go as we like.

In the world of your hologram, you are the director.

You are the only one whom you can ask to change it.

But how?

It's not a good idea to stimulate your ego unnecessarily.

You are going to be stuck in the hologram and not able to change it freely. You have to get out of there.

The escape technique is the Dark Depth Female 玄牝 ([hsüan pìn / xuán pìn] in Chinese. [genpi / genpin] in Japanese).

Be passive first.

You must not try to act.

You accept everything as it is.

If the situation or the person provokes you negative feelings, accept it with gratitude.

No matter how repugnant it is, keep on saying "thank you" to it.

This simple expression and the sentiment of submission that follows it will fill you up and leave no room for other feelings to be generated.

You may even love what is in front of you.

That's how you "get out of" your hologram. To be precise, you remember that it is just a hologram.

Buddhists may call it deliverance.

Once you are detached from the hologram, you are free and in full control of it.

You can create whatever you want. You will realize that you are constantly forming what you want, in fact.

In one's day-to-day experience, he knows that he very often finds the object he has been looking for right after he stops looking for.

This is a small-scale example of how Tao works.

This contradictory manipulation of the energy is called Dark Depth Female.

It is the notorious Zen teaching "act without acting", along with other enigmatic ones.

The idea of act without acting is difficult to comprehend, but rather easy to do (for some, not by any means for all).

To do it, you have to "wish without wishing" first, which is very difficult indeed.

The moment you wish something, you are stuck in your hologram because you have already thought of getting it by acting.

In order to avoid this trap, human beings have invented a fantastic device, which is a god.

Instead of acting by himself, one can ask his god to take care of the wish.

After he finished his prayers to the god, he is in a perfect state of passiveness and can create or transform his hologram without the hindrance of his own resistance.

It is quite efficient a way to emit the fundamental energy and control the hologram.

After all, being passive is quite active.

You know all four corners clearly.

North, south, east, and west. Above, below, right, and left.

Your sensitivity reaches all four corners because you project the hologram.

That is to say, space is illusory. So is time.

Are you capable of not knowing anything?

Knowledge is just dregs of experience. The more you have, the worse the taste becomes.

If you don't know anything, you have no desire to reign it.

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