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Dark Depth Attainment


The mechanism of Tao is very simple.

Once you grasp it, you will wonder why it has been so difficult.

It seems that many people find very hard to just accept the idea at the beginning.

Give birth to it. Raise it.

You project your hologram. No one else does.

This might be the first obstacle for the Cartesian mind to overcome.

We firmly believe in an objective world that surrounds each individual, but is it true?

Ask an advanced physicist with the knowledge of the latest discoveries.

You will see the latest science stands much closer to Taoism than our old "scientific" belief in the 20th century.

An objective world does not exist.

Each one has his own world though it doesn't mean at all that everything is individually separated.

Your hologram exists to stimulate true You, which is Tao.

As “you” grow up spiritually, it grows up.

You can "educate" your hologram (=the world) not directly but by educating yourself, that is to say, accepting it as it is.

Give birth, but don't possess it.

Though you are the mother of your hologram, it is not yours.

If you think it belongs to you, you will be stuck there.

If you think you possess it, you will be possessed by your own hologram.

If you are possessed, you have to suffer from it.

Would you like to complain all the time about your miserable life or this horrible world?

All you have to do is just leave it.

Let it work.

If you leave it alone, the hologram will work by itself.

The question is whether you can leave it alone. Can you?

When you see people suffering in poverty or enraged by injustice, are you able to stay calm?

Can you say to yourself, "What the hell! It's happening only inside the box. It's an illusion."?

If you can't, you'd better leave your TV set switched off.

Why don't you try it? While you are staying away from the world news, your Dark Depth will do its work.

But don't rely on it.

Some may want to use Dark Depth (=Tao) for their own benefit.

It's impossible. The moment you think of using it, you will be captured in your own hologram.

You will be afflicted with pain of expectation.

Often, your desire is not satisfied. When your wish is granted, you want more.

Envy, jealousy, accusation. You name it. You are stuck in your own creation of suffering.

In Buddhism, it is called hell.

Hell is not a far away place. Hell can be right now, right here.

Be the chief, but don't control it.

Tao is always with you. You are Tao. You shouldn't forget it.

But it is not a good idea to control it. It's like your sweetheart. You have to leave it free.

That's all. It's not difficult. If you just do that, you can remember you are Tao, the fundamental energy itself.

It is called the attainment of Dark Depth.

To attain Dark Depth (=Tao), you don't have to do anything special.

No matter how mystic Tao Te Ching seems, the answer is banal.

All you have to do is just accept your present state, if possible, with gratitude.

Then, you can control the magical Dark Depth.

Or rather, you can remember that Dark Depth (=Tao) is always under your control.

You control it without controlling it.

The act of remembering this fact is the secret called "the attainment of Dark Depth" ⎯ 玄徳 / 得 ([hsüan te/xuán dé] in Chinese, [gentoku] in Japanese. Hopefully, your browser shows the Chinese Characters correctly).

徳(得)is the famous "Te" of Tao Te Ching. It is often translated as moral. Tao by Matsumoto prefers «attainment», which is the Chinese character in parentheses. "Borrowing a character of the same pronunciation" takes place often in the old literature. (☞See also Chapter 4b Color)

Let's start “consciously” living with Dark Depth. (Whether you are aware or not,  you are living with it.)

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