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Bumo misho izen

Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-1
Twisted therefore complete. (Ch.22)

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If you want be perfect, be chaotic.

This is how Dark Depth Female works.

You find the thing you are looking for when you stop looking for it.

That's why Reverse Thinking is useful.

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We always need innovation and open-mindedness, but, if you put the ginger between the rice and the fish at a high class Sushi establishment in Japan, chances are that they will ask you to leave unless your Japanese friend explain to the Sushi chef that you are an important political figure from Timbuktu.

In a Tokyo-style Sushi bar, ginger is served to erase the aftertaste between a piece of Sushi and another.

At a belt-conveyer Sushi bar, they are less strict, and almost all reasonable bad manners are accepted, including belching and slurping the soup. Nevertheless, talking too loud and sprinkling saliva on the small dishes on the belt-conveyer is considered offensive. Besides, please do not forget that, once you have taken a dish with sushi from the belt-conveyer, you are not allowed to bring it back on it. It is not a question of manners, but it is a question of hygiene.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-2
Bent (like an inchworm) therefore straight. (Ch.22)

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In Taoism, returning to Tao is important.

What does "returning" mean?

One can say that it means getting out of his hologram and going into the state of Tao, or Bumo misho izen 父母未生以前, in Zen.

Another can say that it means turning around the Yin Yang circle, which is equivalent to a Tibetan prayer wheel.

How can you return to Tao, then?

One of the answers is to use Reverse Thinking.

If you want to be straight, bend yourself.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-3
Hollow therefore filled up. (Ch.22)

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Do you remember "Thirty spokes share one hub. (Ch.11)"?

Hollow and filled. It is about holography.

If you want to be full, empty yourself.

Reduce and reduce. Particularly reduce your knowledge.

If you have nothing, you have everything.

Those words have confused many.

All right. Let's make them clear once and for all.

First, the so-called world is a hologram. That's why it is called nothing or emptiness.

Second, to learn it, your knowledge simply bothers you. Reduce it and stop analyzing.

Third, then, you will realize that the world, including your own self, is a hologram. Don't look down on it because it is a manifestation of the fundamental energy Tao. That's why it is called everything or all.

If you can love the world, you don't have to listen to all the gibberish, mine included.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-4
Bumo misho izen / Before parents’ birth
Worn out therefore new. (Ch.22)

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It is exactly the same as breaking the mirror in Zen. (☞See also Chapter 15 Man who knows Tao)

If you want to be new, you should wear out your hologram.

Then, you can return to Tao, or Bumo misho izen 父母未生以前 in


Bumo misho izen means «Before Father and Mother are born».

It is a very important concept describing the state before holographic images are projected.

To "return" to the state, Reverse Thinking is useful.

Some people thank someone up there for letting them live.

With Reverse Thinking, you live in order to say: "Thank you".

Then, you are as new as a newborn baby whose father and mother have not yet been born.

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