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Shinran / Jodo Buddhism

Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-5
Shinran / Jodo Buddhism
Less therefore attained. (Ch.22)

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With "less", you can attain Dark Depth. (The attainment of Dark Depth is called 玄得 [gen toku])

...   ...   ...

"Thank God! I am alive."

It is not a bad attitude, but, if we want to attain Dark Depth, we will do it differently.

Instead of "Thank God! I am alive", why don't we say:

"I live to thank everyone and everything".

This is what Master Shinran 親鸞 asked us to do some eight hundred years ago.

Shinran (1173-1263) is not a Zen Buddhist. (See also Akunin shoki setsu / Feel safe 62-3)

He is the founder of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in Japan. (And he is a contemporary of Zen Master Dogen.)

Instead of wishing to gain something, he asked the believers to cite prayers as a form of thanking Buddha.

It is a very intelligent way to reduce the resistance of your ego.

That's how we stop disturbing our hologram to transform itself.

Dark Depth will be attained.


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Genshin 源信 and Honen 法然 worshipped the pictures and statues of Amida 阿弥陀. Shinran 親鸞 worshiped written characters. Nanamu amida butsu 南無阿弥陀仏 / Namu fukashigi ko nyurai 南無不可思議光如来 / Kimei jinjippokai muge ko nyorai / 帰命尽十方無碍光如来. Look at the last sentence. It has the word "muge 無碍 ko 光". It means "Infinite light", "undisturbed light", and "the light that lights up everything". Rennyo 蓮如 is the second founder of Jodo Shin shu 浄土真宗 / Pure Land Shin school. Daisetz Suzuki was not only a Zen specialist, but wrote about Shin Buddhism and Amida Butsu / Amitabha Buddha.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-6
Not “more”
More therefore tempted. (Ch.22)

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More money. More success. More home runs. More goals. More sugar. More toppings on my ice cream. More romance.

More is always better, right?

Not necessarily. Some people want to lose weight.

Lao Tzu asks you to reduce everything, not just weight.

When we increase our income, achievements or knowledge, we feel successful.

But where does the success take place?

In our hologram!

It is just a catalyst to stimulate us.

More choices, more confusion.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-7
That's why the sage holds Tao and is the canon under the sky. (Ch.22)

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There are some easy tips to decode Tao Te Ching (道徳経 in Kanji Chinese characters).

"Under the sky 天下 [ten ka]" often means "the world", which is your hologram.

The word "sage 聖人 [sei jin]" is important because it means you. You are the sage. Therefore, you are the canon.

It is quite natural because you project the world, so who else can be the canon?

But be careful. Please do not think that you are going to be a sage one day after all the hardships and learnings.

This is a trap.

You are already the sage and canon of the world.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-8
Clearly seen
He doesn't show himself. So, he is clearly seen. (Ch.22)

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Impressive! Fantastic! Amazing!

All these adjectives excite us, don't they?

But we don't need to impress others, do we?

For politeness or resignation?

Oh, no, on the contrary, it is to be "seen".

Contradictory as it sounds, it is exactly because you are showing nothing that you will be recognized.

This is how you use Dark Depth Female 玄牝 [gen pi].

Try the technique. It is impressive.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-9
He doesn't think he is right. So, his righteousness is visible. (Ch.22)

♦  ♦  ♦

"You are wrong!"

"I am right!"

"When you eat Sushi, you must not put your ginger between the rice and the fish."

"I know what I'm doing. This is the authentic way!"

You don't have to convince anyone, do you?

Do you still want your righteousness to be recognized?

All right. Use Dark Depth Female technique.

Don't think you are right.

What does it mean by being right, anyway?

There is neither right nor wrong in Tao.

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