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Bonno soku bodai

Tao Te Ching Chapter 23-6
According to Tao
Therefore, those who act according to Tao are one with Tao.


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What is acting according to Tao?

It is our objective.

It is receiving and emitting the energy of Tao with the least resistance possible.

How can we do it?

By accepting the world with gratitude.

Then, you are one with Tao.

"But aren't we one with Tao all the time?"

Yes, we are. We just forget it sometimes.

By accepting all, you can easily remember the fact.

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It had been waited for this truly for decades. Many Japanese amateur of literature had been thinking for ages that someone had to translate this underrated master's works. There is nothing wrong with being commercial. Futaro Yamada's imagination and originality deserve a place in Japan's history of literature. Thanks million, Mr Geoff Sant, the translator and his editor. Thank you for your contribution without snobbism in introducing the excellent literary works in Japanese into English.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 23-7
Satori = Attainment
Those who act according to the attainment of Tao are one with the attainment of Tao. (Ch.23)

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Living is Satori.

The moment you try to attain Tao or reach Satori, you lose it.

In other words, you forget that you are in the state of Satori, being one with Tao.

That's why Lao Tzu says:

"Do nothing".

Life is a koan.

We answer it by living it.

Don't try to look for Satori or Tao somewhere else.

You are already there.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 23-8
Attainment loss
Those who act according to the loss of its attainment are one with the loss of its attainment. (Ch.23)

♦  ♦  ♦

"Shittoku 失得(徳)." The loss of attainment.

"Mayoi 迷い", in Zen Buddhism in Japan, which means "being lost".

When you are lost, do not panic.

It is absolutely all right.

You can lose your attainment of Tao, while being one with Tao.

You can be in Mayoi while you are in Satori.

What can we do, then?

Your attitude is supposed to be:

"Uh, uh. Here comes Mayoi. Welcome, Mayoi. I am happy to be lost and confused."

And accept it.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 23-9
Bonno soku bodai
When you don't have enough faith, you doubt it. (Ch.23)

♦  ♦  ♦

Faith and doubt. You know them very well.

Today, let's learn a powerful spiritual tool called "Bonno soku bodai / Being lost is justly Bodhi, or the spiritual awakening".

If you don't have enough faith, you cannot accept all.

Then, you create resistance against accepting your hologram (=the world).

Your resistance create images or feelings that bother you. These hindrances come about in your hologram.

Then, you are completely confused and lost in Mayoi.

But, do not worry.

Their goal is not to make you suffer but to lead you to the attainment of Tao.

That's why in Zen Buddhism they say:

"Being lost is justly the spiritual awakening".

Bonno soku bodai 煩悩即菩提.

Thank you.

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