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Tao Te Ching Chapter 33-1
Learn people
Knowing people is wisdom. (Ch.33)

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A man of wisdom knows that the world is his hologram.

People in front of him are part of the hologram. He knows it.

But, who is the one that projects the hologram?

Well, the answer has to be you. Nobody else.

This is the first step in understanding Zen and Tao.

You are the one who projects the world.

Then, who are you?

The next line will answers this question.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 33-2
Learn Self
Knowing himself is enlightenment.


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A man of wisdom, which we have discussed in the video before this one (Learn people 33-1), knows that the people and the world is part of his hologram.

He still distinguishes his own self from the rest of the world.

Forget this discrimination.

This is the second step.

Your own self is part of the hologram like the rest of the world.

Other people and objects are the extended part of your own self.

Likewise, your own self is the extended part of the others.

Both exist to be accepted by true You the Tao.

If you know it, you know you are in the state of Satori the


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Tao Te Ching Chapter 33-3
Defeat people
Defeating people is powerful. (Ch.33)

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We are the champions.

We are the champions.

We can beat anyone!

Wait a minute.

Who are you fighting against?

Against yourself?

Well, it is a better answer than "defeating others".

"People" means "holograms".

If you are fighting against your hologram, it is useless.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 33-4
Defeat Self
Defeating himself is strong. (Ch.33)

♦  ♦  ♦

Is your own self your worst enemy?

You don't really want to accept who you are?

Even if it is so, please don't blame yourself.

Just ask yourself who you are really.

Your own self, body and mind, is not really true You.

It is part of your hologram.

It's just an extended part of others.

Let's make it clear that your own self is not the same as true You, which is Tao.

Then, let's love ourselves more because they are the manifestations of Tao, which is true You.

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