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Tao Te Ching Chapter 38-6
The highest

politeness is doing it

and, if the other does not respond to it, rolling up your

sleeves and pulling him. (Ch.38)

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A: "Thank you very much, sir"

B: "..."

A: "I said, 'Thank you, sir'."

B: "..."

A: "I politely said, 'Thank you, sir'. You've gotta say something."

B: "Uh, uh."

A: "Sir, I am being polite and you say just 'Uh, uh'. You have to learn to be polite, too, sir."

When one is polite against his will, his acts are not spontaneous at


The forced politeness is very far from Tao's natural way.

A baby doesn't know politeness.

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Ogai Mori spent some time in Germany as a student (1884 - 1888). There he experienced individualism. He looked at himself as an object and wrote «Vita Sexualis». What a difference it is between Japanese minds with and without modernism!

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 38-7
Lost Tao
Therefore, having lost Tao, there is attainment. (Ch.38)

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If you hadn't lost Tao, you wouldn't need the attainment of Tao.

If you are seeking for Satori, certainly you have forgotten that you are in the state of Satori.

After we had lost the trust in Tao, we came up with the concept of attaining it or reaching Satori.

I just want you to trust yourself.

You have never lost the state of innocence.

You are always as innocent as an uncarved block or a baby.

Please do not doubt that you are perfect no matter how much it seems otherwise.

Doubting your perfection and consequently seeking for a refuge like "Satori" is the first step towards the spiral descent into the spiritual


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Tao Te Ching Chapter 38-8
Lost attainment
Having lost attainment, there is mercy. (Ch.38)

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The Kanji / Chinese character 仁 [jin] is translated as mercy.

Please look at the left half. 人 [hito].

Then, the right. 二 [ni].

The left part of the character signifies people or a person. You can see two legs.

The right one signifies the number two. One. Two. (Pointing at two horizontal lines)

The entire character symbolizes the merciful relationship of the two persons.

So, the character can be translated as humanity.

The character two certainly denies the oneness of Tao.

Mercy is the artificial act to control the others for so-called "their well-being".

Having lost the attainment of Tao, a "merciful" person thinks the world is not perfect.

He is refusing to accept the world as it is.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 38-9
Lost mercy
Having lost mercy,

there is



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Merciful and discreet people have become rarer and rarer.

Some people are not happy when they see others who are not so "merciful" as they are.

"For mercy's sake, you've gotta do something."

Now, we have got righteous people.

They want to show off their righteousness.

They even impose their God's given righteousness on you.

What can you do then?

We accept them as part of our hologram.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 38-10
Lost righteousness
Having lost

righteousness, there is politeness. (Ch.38)

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A: "I will do anything to protect my family."

B: "Fine. But what happened to your righteousness? I suppose you were fighting to save the planet or something."

A": "Now I am fighting for my family. I don't care about someone else's righteousness. By the way, you forgot to say hello to my son."

B: "Oh! Excuse me. I was not polite."

A: "Certainly you are not polite. Listen. My family is my colony. It is my territory. If you are not polite to any of my family members, I will consider it an attack to my kingdom."

Do we really have to accept a man like this one?

My answer is "Yes."

By accepting him, we turn our prayer wheel, which is called the


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