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Song of Dragon


Tao Te Ching Chapter 40-15
No completion
Big's vessel will never be completed.


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大器晩成 [tai ki ban sei]

This is one of the best known expressions in Tao Te Ching among the Japanese.

It is a pity that modern Japanese have lost its true meaning.

Nowadays, when they use the expression 大器晩成 [tai ki ban sei],

they mean:

"a man of big caliber matures late."

It has nothing to do with Lao Tzu's philosophy.

In Tao, there is neither beginning nor end.

There is no time.

So, everything is forever.

Nothing is completed.

Therefore everything is perfect.

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Can you hear the sound of silence? Of course, yes. That's what we are doing at every moment of life. You don't have to have any certificate or to be a member of a group. Whether you like it or not, you are listening to the sound of no sound. In fact, you are the one who is creating this roar of the dragon. Please stop underestimating yourself and blaming others for being responsible for what is happening. You cry our the sound of the dragon in order to wake yourself up.

As for "Sound of One Hand", ask Japanese Zen Master Hakuin Ekaku.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 40-16
Song of Dragon / No voice
Big's note has almost no voice. (Ch.40)

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Tao's note has no voice.

In Zen Buddhism, they call it "the song of the dragon".

In his «Shobogenzo», Japanese Zen Master Dogen says:

"The song of the dragon is not something like do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do.

Nevertheless, do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do were born from the song of the dragon."

(Ryugin 龍吟, «Shobogenzo»)

Don't try to experience Tao.

One cannot hear the note of Tao directly.

But, we hear it through our holograms, the world.

That's what Zen Master Dogen wants to tell us.

Now you know how to listen to the sound of no sound.

Just listen to any sound with respect.

That's enough.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 40-17
No form
Big's image has no form. (Ch.40)

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A: "Master Bonbon, look, I have just bought a super mandala meditation image kit made in China! It's beautiful."

B: "Made in China? You had better buy our super authentic

Japanese mandala meditation image kit hand-made by our certified

Zen monks during their strict meditation at an isolated temple in

Kyoto, through our proper channel of distribution authorized by our


I sincerely hope that you are not trapped there.

By fancy goods and clothes made in an exotic country.

Lao Tzu says it clearly.

Tao's image has no form.

You cannot see Tao.


But, the world is the manifestation of Tao. You can accept and love Tao through your hologram, which is called the world.

Do you need some fancy products to love it?

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 40-18
Hidden with no name
Tao is hidden and has no name. (Ch.40)

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You cannot see Tao.

In other words, you are always seeing Tao's manifestation.

Why do we have to look for it somewhere else?

Right here, right now, you are seeing it.

You are receiving its energy, its love.

And please remember that you are the love itself.

Lao Tzu says that it's useless to define what Tao is.

It doesn't even need a name because it exists everywhere.

If you cannot help having an image to love and admire, Zen master Ikkyu invented «Yama Uba» for you.

Yama Uba hidden in the mountains.

She symbolizes Tao, Zen, Love, or whatever you name it.

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Need help?

Q: "I am frustrated! Will Tao help me?"

A: Why don't you think the other way round?

Reverse Thinking

Q: "I am not happy about how I look. Do I need a cosmetic surgery?"

A: Before you invest a hefty sum of money on your appearance, there are a few things to think about.

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Q: "I am scared of seeing my reports. What’s gonna happen if the numbers are not good enough"

A: Zen Masters asks you to forget about statistics.

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Q: "We need to change our way to grow foods. I am worried about the future of my children. What should we do?"

A: If you are interested in organic foods, read about the modern-day Lao Tzu of “Do nothing” farming, late Masanobu Fukuoka.

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Q: "People talk about Zen, but what the heck is it indeed?"

A: Zen is nothing special. It is something you know well.

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Q: "I am desperate. I need some solutions right away."

A: No worries. Here is a practical method.

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Q: "I am confused when people tell me to face reality. What is reality?"

A: A good question! Zen masters have been tackling the question for ages, but our old man, Lao Tzu, knows the answer.

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Q: "Is a geisha truly a p,........., a lady of the oldest profession of human beings?"

A: No, it means "artist", literally. She is an artist of the Taoist way of living.

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Q: "What Does Nintendo mean?"

A: It means "Do nothing" Corporation.

Tao Te Ching Chapter 40-19
It is only Tao who lends anything generously and accomplishes anything very well. (Ch.40)

♦  ♦  ♦

Tao is generous. I

know you are


C'mon, admit it.

And I know you don't judge anyone or anything in fact.

You help all.

You don't segregate one from another.

I know you don't.

No matter how modestly you insist you do, I don't believe it.

Because you are Tao the fundamental energy.

And Tao creates the world perfectly.

You are doing your job perfectly.

No, no, you must not say:

"Watch TV news and see the catastrophe."

Only you can create the world.

And you are doing it perfectly.

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