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Peak of harmony

Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-9
Peak of harmony
He is at the peak of harmony. (Ch.55)

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A: "Master Bonbon, why do miseries and injustice exist on this planet."

B: "Thanks to miseries and injustice, our organization can get money out of you."

A baby is in a perfect harmony.

Not just babies, in fact, all of us are always in harmony.

We are living in a perfect world no matter how much you refuse to accept the fact.

Stop naming miseries and injustice on the planet and getting angry, please.

They are part of your hologram.

A baby does not judge because he knows that his hologram is


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Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-10
Know harmony?
Learning harmony is called constancy. (Ch.55)

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Please don't forget that you are always in harmony.

In Chapter 16 Go back, Lao Tzu says:

"Going back to the destiny is called constancy".

Therefore, learning harmony is going back to the destiny.

What does this mean?

It means that your destiny is always in harmony because life is the hologram you project.

If you know it, you can minimize your resistance every time the hologram comes out of and goes back to Tao.

The process is constant no matter how you judge the harmony.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-11
Constant enlightenment
Learning constancy is called enlightenment.


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This sentence is totally identical to the one in Chapter 16 Go back.

I hope you will read «Tao by Matsumoto» blog 16-9 Satori to understand it better.

In that entry, I said:

"By leaving your hologram, you can return to Tao".

What is "leaving your hologram" precisely?

Can we leave our hologram?

The answer is no in two senses.

First, your own self cannot leave the hologram.

Second, Tao, which is true You, is not part of the hologram.

Then, what does "leaving your hologram" mean?

It means understanding and accepting that true You are Tao and have little to do with your own self.

You don't have to seek enlightenment, or Satori, because true You are already and "constantly" enlightened.

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Need help?

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A: Zen Masters asks you to forget about statistics.

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Q: "We need to change our way to grow foods. I am worried about the future of my children. What should we do?"

A: If you are interested in organic foods, read about the modern-day Lao Tzu of “Do nothing” farming, late Masanobu Fukuoka.

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Q: "People talk about Zen, but what the heck is it indeed?"

A: Zen is nothing special. It is something you know well.

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Q: "I am desperate. I need some solutions right away."

A: No worries. Here is a practical method.

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A: A good question! Zen masters have been tackling the question for ages, but our old man, Lao Tzu, knows the answer.

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Q: "Is a geisha truly a p,........., a lady of the oldest profession of human beings?"

A: No, it means "artist", literally. She is an artist of the Taoist way of living.

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Q: "What Does Nintendo mean?"

A: It means "Do nothing" Corporation.

Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-12
No increased life
Increasing life is called ill omen.


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More knowledge.

More money.

More meditation.

More Satori.

Lao Tzu says:

"Reduce and reduce".

Don't try to add anything to life, which is your hologram.

The holograms are catalysts.

The more catalysts you have, the more confused you may get.

That's why Zen masters say:

"Just sit".

But, watch out.

Master Dogen says:

"Sitting is not just sitting".

If you meditate for the peace of your mind, it is not true Za-zen, he explains.

(Zazenshin 坐禅箴, «Shobogenzo»)

If you see any increase in your life, it is "ill omen", knowledge and meditation included.

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Don't blame us for being immoral. Is there anything wrong if an old man wishes to sleep next to a young body? That's all. Just sleeping. Nothing more than that. Of course, the man pays for the service and the girl receives the money after she wakes up. Yasunari Kawabata was a Nobel literature prize winner. / When you are cast away by your destiny, you have nothing much to do. All you can do is to accept what is going on. A Japanese fisherman, John Manjiro, drifted through the Pacific, the States, and the diplomatic scenes between the Shogun regime and the the-mid-eighteenth-century US. Masuji Ibuse is the author of «Black Rain».