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Takuan / Mind & Ki

Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-13
Takuan / Mind & Ki
Mind using energy Ki is called strength. (Ch.55)

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"Strength" means force.

Forcing yourself is not natural at all.

Do you want to manipulate Ki the energy for your own benefit one way or another?

Please don't misunderstand that Lao Tzu encourages you to use Ki the energy.

He is saying here that you should not allow your mind to use Ki the energy.

Don't let your mind confuse you.

Japanese Zen Master Takuan said:



[kokoro koso kokoro mayowasu kokoronare

kokoro ni kokoro, kokoro yurusuna]

Mind! It's the mind that confuses the mind.

Mind! Don't let the mind take over the mind.

(«Fudo chishin myoroku 不動智神妙録»)

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-14
Strong = Old
If a thing is strong, it gets old. (Ch.55)

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You can find the same sentence in Chapter 30 Result.

Being strong is like athletes using steroids.

They get old prematurely. (Strong steroids 30-11)

Chuang Tzu says:

"Do you know that prayer mantis?

Waving its arms angrily, it confronts the wheel of a cart."

(Inner Chapter IV 内篇 人間世篇 第四, «Chuang Tzu 荘子»)

The wheel of the cart is time, your prayer wheel.

The mantis wants to be strong.

Strong enough to defeat the cart, which is a few thousand times bigger than itself.

If you want to be strong, please ask yourself whether you look like this mantis.

If you are strong, you get old. If you fight, the wheel of time will crush you.

Be like a baby and live forever.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-15
This is called being against Tao. (Ch.55)

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Let's review this chapter.

What do you do to

avoid being against Tao?

1) Be like a baby.

2) Don't worry. You are safe.

3) Accept that your own self does not belong to you.

4) You don't have to know about Tao's mechanism.

5) Relax. Without knowing it, you are using Dark Depth Female 玄牝 [gen pi].

6) Don't forget that you are always in harmony.

7) Don't seek Satori.

8) Reduce all.

9) Don't try to manipulate Tao.

10) Don't be strong.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-16
No early end
If you are against Tao, you come to an early end. (Ch.55)

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Is time your enemy?

Do you want to stay young?

Do you want to live forever?

Time is running out.

Logically, as you grow up, you get closer to an end.

Though you want to think about Tao, you keep on saying:

"I've got no time. I've got no time".

You know, you are absolutely right when you say that.

Tao has no time.

Neither do you.

Time is just a parameter to reconstruct information in your mind.

Past, present, and future are taking place simultaneously.

That is to say, "If you are one with Tao, you live eternally".

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Most of us know who our biggest enemy is. It is ourselves. Keeping this in your mind, how can you fight in a battle? The word "battle" can be interpreted several ways. Modern businessmen look for the answers to the problems in economic battles. Here are some references. The book on the left is Yagyu, Munenori's «The Way of the Living Sword». Yagyu was an excellent swordsman, who was a close friend of Zen Master Takuan, the author of «The Unfettered Mind». The one on the right is Sun Tzu's «The Art of War» written probably in the 6th century BC. Researchers find some similarities between the book and Tao Te Ching. Master Takuan studied the latter and left a lecture book on it.