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C. Dark Depth


This is called being one with Dark Depth.

The Chinese character for "Dark Depth" is an interesting word worth mentioning.

It is 玄. (Hopefully, your browser can show the character correctly) It is pronounced [hsüan/xuán]" in Chinese and [gen] in Japanese.

It originally meant the colour of reddish black which you got after having put together a few layers of colours.

Because of its enigmatic colour, it came to stand for something deep and inexplicable.

"Dark Depth" is equivalent to Tao. (☞See also Chapter10e Dark Depth Female 玄牝 and Chapter10f Dark Depth Attainment 玄得)

To be one with Tao (=Dark Depth) 玄同 is easy because you don't have to do anything. You are already one with Tao. What else can you do except remembering the fact.

Other acts to reach Tao are the resistance against the present state, which is just waste.

Therefore, the best teaching of all is do nothing.

Easy as it sounds, often it is not so for most people.

Facing adversity, they react, try to solve the situation, or simply panic.

If you know Tao, you know the adversity is just a hologram. No matter how outrageous it is, it is there as a catalyst.

You have only to accept it with gratitude, which is one form of Love, the fundamental energy.

Tao is you.

Therefore, you cannot get close to it.

If you know you are the energy, there is no point getting close to it.

Tao, Buddha, Love, or whatever you call it, you don't need to get closer because you are the one.

The deed of approaching is counterproductive. It will keep you in your hologram.

To get out of the hologram, you must not try to get out. You just accept it.

Then, you remember you are out of it.

You cannot stay away from it.

You cannot give benefit to it.

You cannot do it harm.

You cannot ennoble it.

You cannot debase it.

Therefore, it is the noblest in the world.

Of course, "you cannot stay away from" Tao because you are the one.

How can you "give benefit (or damage) to" Tao?

Tao is not material. It has nothing to do with benefit nor damage.

Tao is beyond human values. Therefore, "You cannot ennoble it. You cannot debase it".

Tao, the fundamental energy, is the beginning and the end. It is the only existence.

Logically, it is the noblest.

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-The word "Dark Depth" is mentioned in Chapter 1 The Gateway to Tao. The word Tao means "way" and "to say". These two words should be considered identical in many contexts. As Lao Tzu says the very first sentence in Tao Te Ching, words are not good enough to talk about Tao.

-See also Chapter 1b Life is a movie. Dark Depth (=Tao) creates your hologram as a movie theatre needs a projector.

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