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No prohibitions

Tao Te Ching Chapter 57-5
No prohibitions
The more annoying prohibitions there are in the world under the sky, the poorer the people get. (Ch.57)

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"You must not do this!"

"You must not eat


Look at the people around you.

Aren't they saying things like that?

Prohibitions make people poorer.

They create resistance and block the free flow of Tao.

Don't impose your prohibitions on others.

If others impose their prohibitions on you, what can you do?

Love them, and accept who they are, but you do not necessarily have to do what they are saying.

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The true intelligence is "Do nothing". You might wonder if it is applicable to our modern life. Yes, it is. And more than ever we need to apply it. A good example is late Japanese botanist Masanobu Fukuoka, who developed an agriculture of doing nothing. Read his «The One-Straw Revolution» and tell your friends interested in ecology about the book on the Taoist agricultural revolution, please. / Zen monk Ryokan was a Japanese equivalent to St. Francis of Assisi. Since he was in Soto School, it was natural he admired Dogen and his «Shobogenzo». I wish I could ask this Buddhist poet whether he had overcome our modern problem of Self.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 57-6
More useful tools
The more useful tools the people have, the more disordered the state gets. (Ch.57)

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One can read this piece of wisdom of Lao Tzu as the encouragement of disarmament or the dissuasion from hiring intelligent and brilliant consultants for the nation's top positions.

We all know the stories.

Arms races and financial crises are metaphors and prayers.

Let's remember that the words "people" and "state" signify your


"Useful tools" like intelligence simply provoke disorder in the


If you have power or intelligence, can you stay away from using them to act on the rest of the world (=your hologram)?

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 57-7
More intelligent, more evil
The more intelligent the people are, the more evil acts take place. (Ch.57)

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Let's ask the ex-employees of Lehman Brothers if they agree with Lao Tzu.

Whether they agree or not, Lao Tzu's wisdom can be applied in life.

Then, can we think why in terms of Taoism?

It is because the world in front of you is your hologram.

By working on it intelligently and logically, you increase resistance.

The resistance stops it from naturally transforming itself.

Intelligence and logic are counterproductive.

Well, to be shrewd and do "evil acts", you need plenty of intelligence, right?

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 57-8
Ho 法 & Laws
The more laws and decrees are known, the more robbers there are. (Ch.57)

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Laws cannot control the world.

The more we try to control it with them, the more troubles we create.

We have been learning this hard ways these days.

This chapter 57 has Lao Tzu's maxims directly applicable to your life.

Nevertheless, the more practical they seem to be, the less essential they are.

We have to remember that many later hands had been added to the original Tao Te Ching.

That's the difference from Dogen's «Shobogenzo», whose original is the one we read nowadays.

That's why we often ask the 13th-century Zen master for some help.

Laws are part of your hologram.

In Buddhism, laws, teachings, and Buddha's manifestation are beautifully expressed by one word, 法 [ho].

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