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B. Time


There is no criterion?

If you don't judge any, you need no criterion.

If you still need a criterion, you can say: "I am the criterion because I am the one who projects my hologram".

Zen Master Dogen says:

"«Good and evil» and «cause and result» will make you create Buddha."


(Shoakumakusa 諸悪莫作, «Shobogenzo»)

Everything takes place in your hologram.

So do «good and evil» and «cause and result».

The hologram exists to stimulate you to emit more Love (=the fundamental energy Tao).

Do you still want to get pleasure out of imposing your criterion upon others?

A criterion returns to be odd.

Why do we suffer from something?

For we have criteria concerning health, beauty, social status, or whatever.

It is a form of resistance to have criteria and, therefore, judge oneself.

"But I am not perfect!", you may say.

If so, a certain criterion is blocking your natural flow of Tao.

It is impeding Tao's cycle from turning around.

Then the criterion/resistance bring about "oddities" in your hologram (although the oddities themselves are perfectly fit into the hologram as part of a catalyst).

That's the reason why you suffer.

But don't worry at all.

Everything, including all the oddities, "returns" to Tao, the ultimate security. (Everything "returns" to Tao. = Everything in your hologram, including your own self, "remembers" that the hologram is the manifestation of Tao and True You are Tao. = Everything emits Tao's energy and keeps it circulating.)

Your suffering is just a catalyst.

A right thing returns to be spooky.

Do you still want to shout like "Do the right thing!"?

Here Lao Tzu says: "You don't have to be right because there is neither right nor wrong in Taoism".

Are you obsessed with "doing the right thing"?

If you are, the result could be very "spooky".

Our history teaches us that human beings were doing a so-called "right thing" while they created all the man-made disasters.

But, let us not judge it. History exists as a catalyst, too.

Since the old days people have been confused.

When we think about time, we should listen to some good suggestion from Zen Master Dogen:

"Don't think that time only flies away."


(Uji 有時, «Shobogenzo»)

People have been confused about Tao partly because they cannot cope with the concept of time well.

Master Dogen clearly says:

"Future is past and present".


(Juki 授記 , «Shobogenzo»)

Past, present, and future are the same.

Time is just a parameter that helps you organize the information concerning your hologram.

You are creating past, present, and future right now.

Zen Master Dogen painstakingly explains:

"(The transmission) creates Tao. It creates Budda. It creates past. It creates present. It creates future."


"It is authentically transmitted from future to present. It is authentically transmitted from future to past."


(Den'e 伝衣, «Shobogenzo»)

We are not only creating present and future.

We are creating past as well.

Therefore, if you are confused, it creates confusion among people in the past, doesn't it?

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