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C. Amida (Amitābha)


Therefore, the sage is just, but doesn't tear any.

You are always "just". Please don't forget this.

Don't "tear" or split any. You are just if you don't judge any.

But, at the same time, you are just even if you judge something or someone.

Whatever you judge, you are not judging anything in fact.

You are doing nothing whatever you are doing in fact.

Don't "tear" or split time and create past, present, and future. Time will confuse you.

Don't "tear" or split space and create you and non-you. The presence of Self will confuse you.

Do not divide something in harmony.

He is pure, but doesn't hurt anyone.

No fish can live in the clear water of White River.

They miss the muddy water of good ole Paddy Pond.

白河の清き流れに魚住まず もとのにごりの田沼恋しき

(Supposedly composed about 1790 by the Kyoka poet Ota Nanpo 大田南畝 / Ota Shokusanjin 大田蜀山人 although he personally denied it)

This is a Japanese Kyoka 狂歌, which literally means "crazy song".

This Kyoka poem was popular under an austerity policy in the Edo period of Shoguns and samurai. (Edo jidai / Edo period 1603 - 1868)

People could not stand the belt-tightening by the current minister Shirakawa 白河 (Matsudaira, Sadanobu 1759 - 1829; Shirakawa was the name of his fiefdom and used as his nickname. It means "white river"). They were missing the preceding period of corruption governed by the former minister Tanuma 田沼 (Tanuma, Okitsugu 1719 - 1788, "Tanuma" means "paddy pond").

Being pure and clear is not always welcomed in the land of Geisha girls.

On the other hand, Lao Tzu says: "(The sage) is pure, but doesn't hurt anyone".

He is straight, but doesn't extend himself.

You (=the sage) are "straight". Being straight in Taoism is being bent.

The sage is straight and square, but doesn't "extend himself" to influence others.

For he knows very well that straightness only exist in his mind, and the rest of the world is his extended self.

Do not doubt that you are always right.

After all, your own self and extended self are part of the same thing, which is your hologram.

There is no point convincing others?

Who are "others"? They are just an extended part of your own self.

He has light, but doesn't shine.

You (=the sage) have light. Therefore you don't have to intentionally shine.

You've got the light of Tao (=Love, =Buddha, =Zen) inside you.

You are Amida Buddha 阿弥陀仏 [amida butsu], (or Amitābha Buddha).

The Buddha is also called 無量光仏 [mu ryo ko butsu] "The Buddha of Infinite Light".

He is the light that lights up all the aspects of life.

Don't shine. You don't need to.

Do nothing. Whatever you do, you are doing nothing (=sending Love).

Amida Buddha will take care of the rest.

In Buddhism, the concept is called Other-power, or 他力 [tariki] in Japanese.

Be like dust. (☞See Chapter 56 How to be One with Tao) Your inner light will take care of the rest.

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On the left, «The Promise of Amida Buddha: Honen's Path to Bliss». Honen is the teacher of Shinran. Amida Buddha is the pillar of Jodo Shin Shu / Pure Land Shin School of Buddhism. / On the right, «Living in Amida's Universal Vow: Essays on Shin Buddhism» is edited by Alfred Bloom and has some articles by him and Daisetz Suzuki among others. Later in his life, Suzuki, the author of «Zen and Japanese Culture», got interested in Jodo Buddhism as Zen Master Ikkyu did.

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