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C. Nothing is difficult


Big things in the world must be created in the minuscule.

"The world" is decoded to "your hologram", and "the minuscule" to "Bumo-misho-izen (= Tao)".

As we discussed the issue in the previous article Chapter 63b Big is small, big things in your hologram are, in fact, not at all big. They are just tiny parts of the hologram that you project.

No matter how big they are, their origin is in Tao, the fundamental energy. Seemingly big institutions such as states, society, or multinational corporations are, in fact, small parts of the backdrop of your hologram. They are created by you (=Tao).

«Use Dark Depth Female»

Therefore, the sage never tries to do big things. Because of this, he often do them.

A severe Zen master like Dogen might say, "It is stupid to try to change your hologram. Don't be fooled by the illusion. It is Buddha's love and accept it with respect. In exchange, it is your turn to emit the fundamental energy of Love (=Tao)".

Is it wrong to have the desire to change the world (=your hologram) for your liking?

There is neither right nor wrong. There is just your judgement.

If you happen to have one particular desire, you can't help it. It is not your fault.

Lao Tzu is slightly less strict a teacher concerning the issue of changing the world (=your hologram) for your benefit. He kindly talks about a technique to do it.

It is called Dark Depth Female. (☞See also Dark Depth for the original Chinese Character)

It seems very passive, but is a quite powerful and effective tool to change your hologram.

The word "female" can be associated with some images of the intercourse between a male and a female.

The acceptance of the male organ by the female one is an excellent example of how Dark Depth Female works.

If you can totally accept your hologram (=the world, =the so-called reality), you are enveloping and warming it up inside you. If you don't accept it, your hologram will be left cold outside you.

In short, try not to influence your hologram (=the world) either directly nor indirectly. Just emit your fundamental energy (send Love, in other words) and wait till the hologram transforms itself.

So, you don't have to do anything big. Not even small things. Especially, don't plot. You don't need it.

If you do nothing, your act of non-doing (=accepting all) will change your hologram as you like.

«Faith in Tao»

Casual promises surely lack faith.

What does "faith" signify in this context? Faith in what?

It is the faith in Tao's mechanism, the cycle of energy between you and non-you (the Yin Yang circle, so to speak), or the reciprocal creation of you own self and the hologram.

It is the faith that life is always perfect because you project it.

The word "promises" should be read in a wider sense, like expressing one's opinion.

Check your behavior. If you talk much in order to convince others, it shows that you don't believe that the act of non-doing will change your hologram (=by accepting all, you can change the world; this is called Dark Depth Female).

Many easy things must be the origin of many difficulties.

Of course, even if you read this sentence literally, it is meaningful enough. But if you take "many easy things" as Tao, and "difficulties" as your hologram, its teaching will be more profound.

If you find your world is full of difficulty, think that it is you who project it.

Then, things will become easy because now you know they are there to make you emit more of the fundamental energy Tao (=Love).

«How to make everything easy»

Therefore, the sage regards everything as difficult.

So, after all, nothing is difficult to him.

Therefore, use the mechanism of Tao.

The big is small and the small is big. That's why we use this Reverse Thinking. If you think that things work contrarily to what you think, it will be easier for you to accept the present state as it is.

Surely, it is a Hoben, a tool to make it easier to do it. For there is neither easiness nor difficulty if you don't judge. Tao is neutral.

But it works. It is quite useful to calm our frustration.

If you regard things as easy, they will become difficult.

If you regard things as difficult, they will become easy.

That's how you make everything easy.

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These days the Japanese call their traditional puppet presentation "Bunraku". In fact, it is the name of a theatre in Osaka, Japan. Ningyo Joruri is the proper name of the genre of the puppet play. Chikamatsu, Monzaemon left two masterpieces: «Sonezaki Shinju» and «Shinju Ten no Amijima». You can find both puppet plays for matured audience in Donald Keene's «Four Major Plays of Chikamatsu». "Shinju 心中" is an interesting word. If you inverse the two Kanji / Chinese characters, it means "center 中心". "Shin / Kokoro 心" signifies the heart; "Ju / chu / naka 中", the middle. In the middle of the unsolvable complication of their immoral love affair, a yujo 遊女 (= "play 遊, woman 女" literally) and his client commit Shinju and leave this floating world Ukiyo 浮世 for Heaven.

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