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Bodai shin

Tao Te Ching Chapter 64-5
Before existence
Do it before it has come to exist.


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[kekai sekaiki].

That's what they say in Zen Buddhism.

It means:

"A flower opens. The world gets up".

A flower symbolizes a hologram.

A hologram opens up and the world comes to exist there.

This is a so-called "reality" that is reconstructed in our "mind" as a


Buddha said:

"It is like a man with bleary-eyed vision seeing the flowers in the middle of emptiness."


Shuryogon Sutra Book 4 首楞厳経 第四巻)

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But, watch out.

Zen Master Dogen cautions.

We must not ignorantly interpret it as: "Since we are lost, we see illusions in the air".

In Buddhism, "a man with bleary-eyed vision" means a man of


(Kuge 空華, «Shobogenzo»)

Let's decode Today's Tao sentence.

Send love "before" your projected hologram "comes to exist" in the world, asking you to send more love.


The world = your projected hologram

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Think twice before you pick up a Zen book and take it to the cashier. Ask yourself whether you are not looking for a refuge. Zen Buddhism is not an alternative. They are talking about the same essence of life with a bit more exotic words. You can find exactly the same teachings in what you are familiar with. Look for Hermann Hesse's «Siddhartha» and browse it. Compare the book you have chosen with the poet's masterpiece, and make sure that the book in your hand is easier to understand than «Siddhartha». If you want something more authentic as for Buddha's life and more visually helpful, Osamu Tezuka's cartoon «Buddha» is recommended.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 64-6
In order
Put it in order before it has got disordered. (Ch.64)

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What is the difference between order and


And who decides it?

The mass media, the state, or the multi-national corporations?

I am afraid not.

Unfortunately, there is only you who can decide it.

"Disorder" exists in your judgment.

Everything in your hologram is perfectly in order.

Then, what does Lao Tzu mean by "Put it in order"?

It's easy.

Since everything is already in order, what else can you do besides "Doing nothing"!

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 64-7
Tree from a hair
A big tree grows from the minutest tip of a downy hair. (Ch.64)

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IThe origin of a big thing is a small thing.

The origin of everything is Tao.

Then, what is the origin of Tao?

The answer is the Today's Tao sentence.

Everything, including "the tip of a downy hair", is sending Love (=the fundamental energy Tao) to you.

Thanks to this act of sending Love, there exists the movement of the energy.

The movement is Tao, which is true You.

Tao's origin is the act of sending Love, which is called "Doing


The hair sends Love.

Love is Tao.

Tao (=true You) projects the big tree.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 64-8
Bodai shin / Nine-story tower
A nine-storeyed tower's construction begins with a small heap of earth. (Ch.64)

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In Zen Buddhism, they say exactly the same thing.

For example, Dogen describes it as:

"to pick up one minute piece of dust and build a stupa of Old



(Hotsumujoshin 発無上心, «Shobogenzo»)

The important point is what follows this.

He says:

"this is the act of sending Love".




Literally, "this is the emission of  «Bodai Shin 菩提心 / the

mechanism (=heart) of Bodhi (=the spiritual awakening, =the wisdom of Satori)»".

[hotsu]: emission.

菩提 [bodai]: the spiritual awakening or the wisdom of Satori.

[shin]: mechanism, mind, or heart.

This is the hologram.

You can find the world inside one tiny mote of dust.

In other words, the mote of dust sends you Love.

You receive Love and project a tower or a stupa, which implies the rest of the world.

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