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Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-1
Act without living
If you are brave enough to do, you don't live. (Ch.73)

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Some say: "If you are not happy, you are not truly living."

Lao Tzu would say: "If you are brave enough to act, I'm sorry, you are not truly living."

Your so-called life is a hologram.

A hologram is not a true life.

Your true life is sending Love to Tao.

Remember? Tao, Love, and true You are synonyms.

Sending Love is the famous "doing nothing".

Some say: "Do something!".

Lao Tzu would say: "If you do something, act directly on your hologram, or refuse to accept the world as it is, I'm sorry, you are neither "doing nothing" nor truly living".

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Saiichi Maruya is an excellent novelist who wrote «Grass for My Pillow» in 1966 and «Singular Rebellion» in 1972. Besides, he is known as a specialist of James Joyce. He co-translated «Ulysses» into Japanese.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-2
Live without acting
If you are brave enough not to do, you live. (Ch.73)

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What is your true living?

It is sustaining Tao.

Tao is the circulation of the fundamental energy.

Tao needs Love emitted by true You.

Remember? Tao, Love, and true You are the same.

So, Tao needs Tao emitted by Tao in order to keep being Tao.

The rest exists as a catalyst to stimulate Tao.

Don't waste energy by "doing something" to the catalyst.

Don't waste your Love.

Send Love straight to Tao, and you will be truly living.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-3
Of the two, one is merit and the other is demerit. (Ch.73)

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A: "Master Bonbon, what is the merit of practicing your religion, Bonbonism you call?"

B: "If you don't believe Bonbonism, all the bad things are going to happen to you. If you don't want to live in misery, buy the latest Bonbonism meditation package. Now on sale."

Don't let the words "merit" and "demerit" mislead you.

They are both sides of a coin.

If you don't judge, they are the same part of one hologram.

We have got the one and only merit, which is to receive and emit Love (=Tao).

Lao Tzu says in Chapter 19 Destroy cleverness:

"Destroy discernment. Throw away intellect. And people's benefit will be 100 times as much."

(☞See No discernment 19-1)

We don't need any dichotomy in Taoism.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-4
Who knows why heaven doesn't like what it hates. (Ch.73)

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"Oh, my god. He hates me. She hates me, too. Everyone hates me! I hate them. They deserve my hatred. I hate all."

If you feel so once in a while, please listen to what Lao Tzu says


"Heaven" suggests the world, or your hologram.

He is saying that no one knows the reason why someone hates another.


It's simple.

Because there is no reason behind it. Of course, not.

In your holographic world, it seems that one hates another, but in fact no one hates anyone.

Hatred is an interpretation you are projecting on what you see.

How can holographic characters in your mind movie hate someone?

All of the catalytic characters are asking you to do just one thing:

Send more Love.

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