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I shin den shin

Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-5
Heaven’s Tao wins
Heaven's Tao doesn't compete but wins well. (Ch.73)

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In Chapter 68 No fight, Lao Tzu says:

"A true winner doesn't compete".

(☞See True winner 68-3)

In Chapter 22 Return to Tao and Chapter 66 Lower yourself, he repeats twice:

"Simply he doesn't compete. That's why no one under the sky can compete with him".

(☞See Aikido 22-12 and Don't compete 66-7)

Neither a true winner nor a sage compete.

Lao Tzu gives us a little hint about the reason.

The key is the expression "Heaven's Tao".

Heaven = Hologram

So, it means that every part of your hologram has Tao's energy.

It is ridiculous to force the energy of one part to compete against that of another.

Then, what does "winning" mean?

It is to maximize the circulating energy of Tao by receiving it without resistance and sending it as much as possible.

You are always winning because you are always receiving Love and sending Love through your hologram no matter what you are doing.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-6
It doesn't say but responds well.


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Lao Tzu is saying here:

"If you want to make other people hear what you are saying, you had better shut yourself up".

As usual, he is very logical.

"Heaven's Tao" is the network of communication in your hologram as well as that of energy distribution.

That is to say, your thoughts are shared by all.

The moment you think about something, the idea is transmitted to all.

Again, it is logical because there is no barrier between you and non-you.

Or rather, let's think as if we were a living radio receiver. (☞See Radio and Knowing 71-2)

Technological development is a metaphor to teach us how Tao functions.

The harder you try to convince others, the more energy you waste.

Consequently, it takes longer before they respond to it.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-7
I shin den shin / No call
It doesn't call any, but they come somehow. (Ch.73)

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You don't call them.

You don't even say anything.

But they will respond.

They will even come to you somehow.

It sounds like the ultimate form of non-verbal communication such as Hara gei, the belly art.

In the domain of art in Japan, particularly martial art, non-verbal communication is a must.

We call it 以心伝心 [i shin den shin], which means "by heart, transmit


This is a Kanreisu (=a bar or a spring) to better understand Zen.

This Kanji / Chinese character 心 [shin] is often translated as heart or


Like the English word "heart", it also signifies "the center".

The word 心 [shin] suggests the center of the mechanism.

By the mechanism, transmit the mechanism.

In this Tao/hologram mechanism, everything comes about by itself, 自然 [ji nen].

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-8
It is relaxing and plans well. (Ch.73)

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Heaven's Tao never rushes you.

It relaxes you.

Even if your wish is not granted immediately, don't be annoyed.

"I wonder why Amitāba Buddha (=Amida Butsu 阿弥陀仏) keeps ignoring my wishes!"

Would you like to complain about Amida Buddha's unfair treatment against you?

Tao and Buddha's wisdom, which is your true wisdom, is far wiser than our superficial intelligence.

Do you believe in coincidence?

In Tao, there is no such a thing as a coincidence.

Amida Buddha's acts are completely planned and premeditated, you see?

Well, it is not exactly right since there is no time in Tao.

But if you think Amida Buddha is choosing the best thing for you

every moment of your life, isn't it easier to accept your hologram as it is?

It is an excellent thought device.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-9
Tao = Net
Heaven's net is vast. Its mesh is not fine, but it doesn't lose any. (Ch.73)

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[tenmo kaikai so ni shite shissezu]

In Japan, this is one of the best known sentences in Tao Te Ching.

What is "Heaven's net"?

It is the net of Tao's energy, which covers everything in your


In Chapter 11 Thirty spokes one hub, Lao Tzu said: "30 spokes share one hub". (☞See 30 spokes 11-1)

In Chapter 28 Uncarved block: "When the uncarved block scatters, it becomes vessels". (☞See Vessels 28-13)

Can you picture the images?

All of them are metaphors in order to explain the relation between Tao and a hologram, the projector and the projected.

In Buddhism, it is symbolized by the infinite light of Amida Butsu (Amitāba Buddha).

What is the infinite light, then?

It is the movement of Tao and true You.

And this is the light that projects your holographic world in the 360 degree movie theater, so to speak.

The content of the film is not important.

The light of the projector is.

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