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Tao Te Ching Chapter 78-6
Everyone = You
Everyone in the world under the sky knows them. (Ch.78)

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Why do I ask you not to resist?

Why do I ask you not to resist even the desire of resistance.

Because I want you to understand everyone is "you".

What Lao Tzu teaches us here is the same.

Everyone knows everything because everything is one.

All the beings, including people, animals, other living (and non-living) beings, and even your own thoughts and feelings, are one.

Since everything is one, everyone knows all, and "you" know all, too.

"You" are the one who projects all.

So, why do you have to hide something from someone?

Why do you have to fight for the disclosure of information?

Well, but if you cannot help it, don't resist the temptation to fight for or against something.

Just remember knowledge is shared by all.

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Honen 法然 (1133 - 1212), a Japanese Buddhist priest, is the founder of Jodo shu 浄土宗 "The Pure Land School". On the left, «The Promise of Amida Buddha: Honen's Path to Bliss» translated by Joji Atone. On the right, «Honen The Buddhist Saint: Essential Writings and Official Biography (Spiritual Masters: East and West)» edited by Joseph A. Fitzgerald with a foreword by Clark Strand and an introduction by Alfred Bloom. / -Shinran 親鸞 (1173 - 1263), a Japanese Buddhist monk, is the founder of Jodo Shinshu 浄土真宗 "True Pure Land School" and was a pupil of Honen. «The Essential Shinran: A Buddhist Path of True Entrusting» was edited by Alfred Bloom. With a foreword by Ruben Havito.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 78-7
No one acts
No one does them. (Ch.78)

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Do not act.

Do no action.

What do they mean,


Today's Tao sentence helps us with the question.

Lao Tzu says:

"No one does them".

That is to say, no one acts.

Whatever they seem to be doing, in fact, they are not doing anything.

Certainly not.

Because they are part of one holographic image projected each moment.

The hologram includes your own self.

In conclusion, no matter what you are doing, you are doing nothing.

This is a big relief, isn't it?

Even while breathing, you are doing nothing.

Even if you fail to suppress your desire, you are doing nothing.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 78-8
State filth
That's why the sage says, "Those who accept the filth of the country are called the master of the state. (Ch.78)

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"We used to have great statesmen, but look who we have now. We have only politicians, filthy politicians!"

Do you feel like saying this kind of remarks once in a while?

If so, please ask yourself two questions.

First, what is a state?

A state is just a backdrop of your hologram.

It is smaller than a TV set.

(See Country 54-7 and Small = Big 63-4)

Second, what is being filthy?

You mean "being evil"?

There is neither good nor evil in Tao.

Please think about Honen and Shinran's «The Doctrine of Evil persons as the Object of Salvation / Akunin shoki sets 悪人正機説». (See Akunin shoki sets / Feel safe 62-3)

In Today's Tao sentence, Lao Tzu wanted to tell us:

"Accept even the 'filth' of your hologram, and you will remember that you are the 'master' and creator of your hologram".

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 78-9
Bad omens
"Those who accept the bad omen of the country are called the king of the world under the sky."


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A: "«Don't whistle inside the house! Evil spirits will come in!»

«Oh, my goodness. You must move your TV set. It is blocking the way of the dragon.»

«This is a bad omen. This IS a bad omen. This is the sign. This is the end of the world.»

Master Bonbon, tell us honestly. Do you believe in these?"

B: "Of course, I do. Superstitions and bad omens are the most effective ways to scare people. Customer scare service is the most profitable division in our organization."

Superstitions and bad omens are like so-called miracle.

Zen Master Dogen expresses it this way:

"Miracle is the tea and rice of a Buddhist". (See Miracle rule 65-6)

That is to say, our everyday life is miracle.

Every hologram is part of the miracle.

In Zen Buddhism, the miracle is called Shin 心, which is often translated as heart or mind.

Shin 心, the heart, is the Tao/hologram mechanism, where everything belongs, including superstitions and bad omens.

You don't have to be scared of superstitions and bad omens.

They exist to ask you for the same thing as the others do:

"Send Love (=Tao's energy)".

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 78-10
Right words sound contradictory. (Ch.78)

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Tao's mechanism of return creates contradiction.

Lao Tzu says here that, if the words do not sound contradictory, they are not right.

They are artificial and superficial.

Let's review Lao Tzu's maxims in this chapter, which sound contradictory.

1. Be as soft and weak as water in order to activate Dark Depth Female. (See Water summary 78-1)

2. When you are lost in Mayoi, you are as hard as ice; when you are one with Tao, you are as soft as water. (See Water's attack 78-2)

3. A hologram doesn't change. One hologram is the whole world in each moment.

Caution! Each independent being is not one independent hologram. It is part of one hologram along with the other beings, including your own self. It is like a frame in a movie. (See No change 78-3)

4. Everyone in the world is you. (See Everyone = You 78-6)

5. No matter what we are doing, we are doing nothing, which means "sending Love (=Tao's energy)". (See No one acts 78-7)

6. No state. No evil. Don't criticize. Don't judge. (See State filth 78-8)

7. No superstitions. No bad omens. They are just catalysts.

8. Lao Tzu thinks it is ridiculous to resist. No resistance.

See? Right words sound contradictory, don't they?

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