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Ki or Qi?

Tao Te Ching Chapter 80-1
Small country
Be a small country and have few people.(Ch.80)

♦  ♦  ♦

Look around.

You see just a small space, right?

"Small" is wonderful.

Can you really see a "big" country with your own eyes?

You can "see" it on TV, or something.

Do you have many people around you?


That's excellent.

Don't be fooled by numbers, especially the numbers of people

reported in a newspaper or on Internet. (See [Practical uses] No numbers)

Please remember that the words "country" and "people" signify your hologram.

Love your "small country".

Cherish people around you.

The beings closer to you appear in your hologram more often than the rest of the world.

Instead of worrying about the miseries brought to us by the media, why don't we begin with accepting the people and things in front of us as they are?

Be small and have few because "small" is bigger than "big" and "few" is more than "plenty". (See Small = Big 63-4)

Be like a baby.

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Which is more dangerous, nature or human beings? To many Japanese, the question doesn't make sense because they think human beings are part of nature. The word "artificial" is not an antonym of "natural". The outside world is filled with plenty of Kami, gods, which may help and protect us, but sometimes in a whimsical way destroy us, destroy us completely. Please read Masuji Ibuse's short story «Salamander» first. The work is considered a masterpiece in Japan, and many students read it at school. Into a cave under the stream, a frog was swept. The salamander blocked the entrance of the cave with his body. The salamander had been captured there because his body was too big to get away. Now he had a "friend". If you have some time, before you go straight to «Black Rain», please read his «Castaways». It is about a young fisherman cast away by a typhoon and rescued by an American boat when it was illegal to leave Japan. Their docile acceptance of what it is and what it is happening will certainly give you another flavor when you read «Black Rain». Although Shohei Imamura's film is excellent, the end of the story is not precisely the same. It is worth reading the novel. Which after-taste do you prefer?

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 80-2
Ki or Qi? / “100 vessels”
Have them possess one hundred ten vessels, but don't let them use them.


♦  ♦  ♦

The Kanji / Chinese character 器 [ki / utsuwa / qì] has various meanings: a vessel, a tool, and the capacity of a person among others.


It is a homonym of 気 [ki / qi] energy, but not the same character.

Ki the energy is not a hologram.

Ki the vessel symbolizes a hologram. (☞See Vessels 28-13)

You project your hologram.

You give it a concrete image: a vessel.

Your own self is part of the vessel.

Don't let a part of the vessel "use" another part.

In other words, you should not "use" or try to control your hologram because you cannot.

Just accept the projected image, the holographic vessel, or Life as it



In Chapter 11 Thirty spokes one hub, the character "vessel 器 [ki]" is translated as "cup". See also Cup 11-4.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 80-3
Don’t travel
Make the people respect life, and don't let them travel far. (Ch.80)

♦  ♦  ♦

Don't try to experience

a so-called "altered


Don't try to reach Satori the enlightenment.

Don't "travel" for it.

Respect your life.

It is a precious hologram, which is the question and the answer at the same time.

It is Koan and Satori simultaneously.

Though the hologram is an illusion, it is the only "tangible" medium through which you can receive Tao's energy.

Your own self is part of the hologram.

So is the world.

The hologram receives the energy through itself.

This is the Tao/hologram mechanism, Shin 心.

Your nirvana / nirvāṇa / Nehan 涅槃 is right here right now.

Don't try to look for it somewhere else.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 80-4
Boats and Cars
Though there are boats and cars, there is nowhere to ride them. (Ch.80)

♦  ♦  ♦

"You have boats and cars", that is to say, you have a vehicle to go across to the other bank of the river (=pāramitā / Higan 彼岸, =nirvāṇa / nirvana / Nehan 涅槃).

The vehicle can be either big or small.

It can be anything: conceptual and philosophical ideas or meditational exercises.

Lao Tzu emphasizes:

"There is nowhere to ride (the vehicle)".


We don't need it because we are already there, on the other bank of the river.

Or, I should say:

"There is neither here nor there, neither this side nor the other side".

Your life right here right now is perfect.

There is "nowhere" to go across.

Please don't fool around to find this "nowhere".

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 80-5
Armor and Arms
Though there are armor and arms,

there is nowhere to show them off.


♦  ♦  ♦

We still have some gentlemen who happily exhibit their armor and arms in the living room.

Do you want to show off something?

I hope not.

When vanity takes control over you, it is worth asking yourself a


"To whom do I show off?".


You and non-you are part of the same hologram.

I hope you still remember that in Zen Buddhism they are called Jiko 自己 and Tako 他己, the self under your control and the self beyond your control.

The concept of Self seems to be one of the biggest obstacles in many civilizations, industrialized and non-industrialized alike.

Don't look to a ritual or a pharmaceutical stimulant to get out of


Why don't we say once and for all:

"Self doesn't exist, Mu ga 無我 (=No Self)."?

You don't have to suppress your vanity if you cannot help showing


Like Self, vanity is part of the holographic catalyst.

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