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Tao Te Ching Chapter 81-5
Act for others
Although he does everything for others, he has more. (Ch.81)

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First, who are "the others"?

The others are you.

All the other beings are an extended part of your own self.

The self under your control, Jiko 自己, and the self beyond your control, Tako 他己. (See Moonlight and Dewdrops / Dogs and Roosters 80-12)

They are the same hologram.

Therefore, Jiriki 自力/ Self-power, and Tariki 他力/ Other-power are the same. (See «Videos related to Jiriki/Self-power and Tariki/Other-power» below)

These concepts are useful tools to reduce resistance.

Second, what is the act of doing everything for others?

It is that of doing nothing.

Doing nothing is sending Love (=Tao) by accepting all.

This is the true Za-zen 坐禅. This is the true sitting.

You receive Tao's energy through a hologram (=the world, =your life) without resistance by accepting all.

Then, you emit the energy while projecting a hologram.

Everything exists to maintain this cycle.

You live for this cycle. (See Eternal cycle 58-5)

Therefore, the most religious act of all is living.

Living is a catalyst, so there is neither better living nor worse living as long as you are emitting Love.

What is happening in your hologram doesn't have the slightest importance.

You are doing nothing no matter what you are doing.

In other words, you are sending love no matter what you are doing.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 81-6
Richer detachment
Although he gives everything to others, he is richer. (Ch.81)

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What is being rich?

The richest man is the one who can detach himself from all.

Don't be attached to wealth or prestige.

Don't be attached to an object or an idea.

Don't be attached to your life.

Don't be attached to individuality or your own self.

Mu ga 無我. Self doesn't exist. Or, nothingness is your true "self". (See Chapter 7 No Self)

Since the so-called "self" is part of a hologram, there is neither before-life nor after-life. (See Man's self 77-7 and After life / Task successfully accomplished 77-11 As for "former life", see End of life 74-1)

An individual and independent soul does not exist. (See Out-Tao [Heresy] Seniya / Gedo Senni / Settled 80-9)

If you believe it does, you are too attached to the concept of individuality.

Don't think that your soul will go back to Tao after your life.

You have never left Tao in the first place.

You are always one with Tao. (See [Practical uses] 10 points to be One with Tao)

No life. No end of life. 不生不滅 [fusho fumetsu]. (See Live eternally 59-8)

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 81-7
Tao in Heaven
Heaven's Tao gives benefits and does not damage any. (Ch.81)

♦  ♦  ♦

"Heaven" signifies "this world right here right now", which is your hologram.

Therefore, "Heaven's Tao" means Tao in a hologram, that is to say, Tao manifested as a hologram.

This manifestation is called Hossho 法性 in Buddhism.

Your life is Hossho.

Don't worry about how you live and how others live.

All the lives are more or less the same.

Your life that manifests itself right here right now is the most


Don't worry about someone else's criteria to judge a man's life.

When you see them in a book or on TV, just say "thanks" and ignore them.

Gratitude is an act of sending Love (=Tao).

All the acts take place in a hologram.

So, an act of sending Love takes place in a hologram, which is the life right here right now.

That's why you must not despise this world.

You receive "Tao's Love" and all the hologram it projects.

Zen Master Dogen says:

"You must not look at anywhere but this world in order to meet



(Kobutsushin 古仏心, «Shobogenzo»)

Meeting Buddha is receiving Love.

It takes place on your face. (See Face Transmission / Menju / Beauty 80-8)

That's why Dogen asks you to wash your face and body well. (Senjo 洗浄, «Shobogenzo»; Senmen 洗面, «Shobogenzo»)

The world is an extension of your body.

Keep your face clean.

It is one easy and practical way to accept this world.

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Tao Te Ching Chapter 81-8
Sage’s Tao
The sage's Tao acts and doesn't compete. (Ch.81)

♦  ♦  ♦

Who is the sage?

Of course, you are the one.

Then, who are you?

"Eh, excuse me, sir, which are you talking about, 'true You' or 'your own self'? Self doesn't exist, right?"

That's right.

Self, life, world. They are names given to some groups of


They are not independent entities.

"I see. Eh, excuse me, sir. What is 'true I'?"

True You are Tao.

Tao is always "acting without competing", that is to say, projecting a hologram without directly interfering with it.

Tao, Love, Buddha, and Zen among others are names given to the fundamental energy.

"Eh, sir, it is also called nothingness 無 [mu], right?"


Please picture the circulation of an energy with neither time nor


What else can you call it but nothingness.

Time and space are parameters used to reconstruct information in "the mind".

In other words, they are names.

"If you can talk about Tao, that Tao is not Tao itself."

This very first line of Tao Te Ching is not saying that it is impossible to understand Taoism logically. No!

It is possible to comprehend Taoism logically.

It is saying that the comprehension itself is part of your hologram.

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