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-Chapter 32 Nameless. Are you fooled by concepts and terms?

-Taoism videos / Chapter 1 1-4. Words.  «If you can name something, the word does not stand for what it really is. (Ch.1)» Be aware of what Lao Tzu says about terms.

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  [Practical uses]  Before you start --- Terminology

There are many English translations of «Tao Te Ching». This is the translation that «Tao by Naoto Matsumoto» truly recommends. It is unfortunate that you have to be fairly lucky to purchase a copy in good condition. Chuang Chung-yuan's «Tao, a new way of thinking: A translation of the Tao te ching, with an introduction and commentaries (Harper colophon books ; CN 356)» was published in 1977. It is an excellent philosophical bridge between the West and Taoism.

1. What is Tao?

It is the fundamental energy. It is a movement, a circulation. It does not exist as a material. It is also called Love, Buddha, and Zen among other names.

See also Chapter 1a What is Tao?.

2. What is a hologram?

It is not the same as an industrial hologram. In this site, the word "hologram" is used to express an «image» projected by Tao in order to stimulate its circulation. It includes images, sounds, and smells. Even thoughts, feelings, and memories. The world is part of a hologram. Life is part of it, too. Hologram is the translation of the word Genzo 眼蔵 of «Shobogenzo» by Zen Master Dogen.

See also Chapter 5b What’s a hologram?, Chapter 5c Hologram and Tao, and Chapter 10c Caution! You & Hologram.

3. What is Tao/Hologram mechanism?

Tao projects a hologram. The hologram stimulates Tao. Tao circulates, projecting another hologram. This is a mechanism to maintain the circulation of Tao. In Zen Buddhism, it is called Shin 心, which is misleadingly translated as mind or heart.

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4. What is Self?

Self does not exist. It is a concept. It is a name given to a group of information in the hologram. Your true being is Tao. Your

so-called Self is part of a hologram. You should distinguish one from


See also Chapter 33 Self.

5. What is Love?

Love as a sentiment is not exactly true Love. It is part of the manifestation of true Love. Love with a capital L is another name of Tao, which is the fundamental energy.

To love = to accept as it is = to let go

= to say "I am part of your hologram."

6. What is the true name of Tao?

None. One must not call it Tao. This is what Lao Tzu says in Tao Te Ching. Nevertheless, we need a word to convey the idea. In

different circumstances, the same thing has been called in another


Tao = Zen = Buddha = Love = The fundamental energy

To avoid a misunderstanding, one has to remember this.

See also Chapter 1 Gateway to Tao.

7. What is judgment?

It is the refusal to accept everything as it is. It is an act to distinguish and separate the one being inseparable, Tao.

See also Chapter 2 Do not judge.

8. What is "Do nothing"?

"Do nothing" does not mean "You are not allowed to act". Of

course it is wise not to act directly on anything, but it is not a


"Do nothing" means "Accept all as they are". It is to accept that everything is part of a hologram. By accepting the hologram, true You (=Tao) receive Tao through it. Then, you emit Tao, projecting another hologram.

Your body and mind exist in a hologram. They have nothing to do with true You except being its catalyst. Therefore, no matter what you do in the hologram, you are doing nothing. In other words, no matter what you do, you are sending Tao/Love.

In short, "Do nothing" means "Send Tao/Love".

See also Chapter 3 Do nothing and Chapter 67 Sending Love.

9. What is the face?

Your face is the place where Tao and a hologram encounter. It is an "interface". As an object, your face does not exist. This is why you cannot see your face without help from a mirror. What you see

is a reflection of your face. A face does not exist, so you are never


See also Tao Te Ching video 80-8 Face transmission / Menju / Beauty.

10. What is a prayer wheel?

This is another name of Tao/Hologram mechanism. You "turn" a hologram to another while you "turn" Tao. Because of the similitude, you can interpret a prayer wheel as Life.

See also Chapter 6B Male & Female; Life is a prayer wheel.

11. What is reincarnation?

It is one cycle of Tao/Hologram mechanism. (=Tao projects a hologram. The hologram stimulates Tao. Tao circulates, projecting another hologram.) It is a turn of a prayer wheel. In Zen Buddhism, it is also called Tanborin 転法輪.

There is no causation neither in a hologram nor between two holograms. The sole causation takes place between Tao and a hologram. A hologram stimulates Tao and Tao projects another hologram. This is what Buddhists call Karma. Therefore, there is no such thing as "bad Karma" or "good Karma".

See also Chapter 74 Reincarnation.

12. What is Life?

Life is part of a hologram.

13. What is the suffering in life?

Illness and pain are part of a hologram, too. As with any part of a hologram, they are part of a catalyst that stimulates Tao. As with any part of a hologram, they should be interpreted as a message saying "Send Tao/Love". We should consider that they exist to give us an opportunity to learn that a hologram is the manifestation of


See also Chapter 50 Life.

14. What is death?

In Zen Buddhism, they say: "No life, no death (no end of life). 不生不滅 [fusho fumetsu]" If your personal self does not exist, how can you die? The death of another exist as part of a hologram, but true You never die because true You are Tao, which is eternal.

See also Tao Te Ching video 59-8 Live eternally.

15. What are the others?

The others are part of your hologram. They are an extended part of your own Self while your own Self is part of others' hologram. In reality, you own personal Self does not exist. True You are Tao