Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 4

Tao’s function

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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 4]  Tao’s function / English translation

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Tao functions through nothingness and is not tangible.

Profound, it looks like the origin of everything.

          Dull the sharpness.

          Untangle the entanglements.

          Soften the light.

          Be like dust. (☞Chapter 56 has the four identical sentences.)

Filled, it looks as if it existed.

I don't know who created it.

But it seems that it had created the one who created everything.



Tao is an intangible energy.

It is not a black magic. At every root of a hologram lies this energy.

          Don't be sharp.

          Don't be bothered.

          Don't impress others.

          Be the least important. (☞See Chapter 56 for another interpretation of the four sentences in its context.)

Although things seem to exist and to occupy their space, they are empty.

You create Tao.

Tao has created you, and your brains create in the head the holographic image called «reality».

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-[Practical uses] Zen is Love. The grass is always greener somewhere else. Asian girls adore a white Christian wedding dress and Occidental philosophers sometimes look for answers in Oriental classics. Lao Tzu will tell you, "Sir, stop looking around. Your back yard is not as bad as you think it is.

-Chapter 56 How to be One with Tao has four identical sentences. The chances are that the part was miscopied.

-Chapter 56b Be like Dust. The identical part is discussed in detail.

-Chapter 56c Dark Depth. What does this Dark Depth 玄 mean literally?

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Haruki Murakami admired F. Scott Fitzgerald. He even took pains to translate «Great Gatsby» into Japanese although several Japanese translations had been available. Do you think the beacon of American literature lighted up the Japanese novelist well enough? Or rather, was Haruki Murakami misled and lost in 20th century's consumerism? He should have written a "Zen and the art of Pinball machine maintenance", you think?

-Taoism videos / Chapter 4 1-5 K. Pribram

-4a Masters hit your face. Old Zen masters might have hit your face with his wooden shoe if you had fallen asleep while meditating. It was not to punish you but to help you with love. "What's wrong with falling asleep?", Lao Tzu might have wondered. He may find it totally ridiculous if mortification is more important than the fundamental, which is Tao.

-4b Color. Color is justly nothing. Nothing is justly color. Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything.Enigmatic it sounds, it is a desperate attempt for Zen monks to explain the concept of holography. Easy it is to comprehend in the head, it is a bit difficult to apply to one's day-to-day life. Satori is not just the state of mind. It is to live "Color is nothing, and nothing is color". It is an action, in fact.

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