Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 6

Valley God

The expression "valley god" provokes an image of a goddess of the valley or Yama Uba, the woman of the mountain. In Yasunari Kawabata's «The Izu Dancer / Izu no Odoriko» a young female deity takes a bath in an Onsen Rotenburo (open-air natural hot bath) by the little stream. A male student looks at her and is overwhelmed by the divine beauty of her naked innocence. Legendary singer-actress Momoe Yamaguchi incarnated the dancing goddess in the film. Yasunari Kawabata, its author, created Komako, a hot spa geisha, or an Onsen geisha, in his «Snow Country / Yukiguni» and immortalized another female deity. This goddess in the snow is purified by thermal spring water, sake, and the music of Koto, a Japanese harp.  伊豆の踊り子  温泉露天風呂  山口百恵  川端康成  駒子  温泉芸者  雪国  琴
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 6]  Valley God / English translation

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Valley God exists any time anywhere.

This is called Dark Depth Female.

The Gate of Dark Depth Female is called the root of heaven and earth.

With no limit, it always stays here.

However much you use it, you will never drain it.



All the space is as empty as a valley.

It is the screen for your hologram. As the valley of a female body accepts the peak of a male body, the emptiness accepts your hologram.

Tao the fundamental energy is the source of your hologram. To use the energy as efficiently as possible, you have to have no resistance. You should stay as passive as you can. This is the way you use Dark Depth Female.

Tao exists without time and space.

Tao has no limit.

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Women are goddesses, well, at least, in Japan. In this floating world people often call their wives "Yama no kami", which means the goddess of the mountain. The most important deity there is Ama terasu o o mi kami. The name is translated as "The great goddess who lights up Heaven". The center of the universe is female. There are male characters who try to raise a girl to be their perfect wife in Lady Murasaki's «The Tale of Genji»and Junichiro Tanizaki's «Naomi / Odd obsession». It is a pious act of female worship. They don't have to be a lady. Being female is more than enough to be worshiped.  山の神  天照大神  紫式部 「源氏物語」  谷崎潤一郎 「痴人の愛」

-[Practical uses] Crazy Cloud - Ikkyu's love poems. This extraordinary Japanese Zen priest, who is supposedly an illegitimate child of an emperor, composed lewd, lecherous, and controversial poems. Some of them are satires against his fellow hypocrite Zen monks. Others are simply odes of love and lust.

-Chapter 61 Country. Femininity and country in Lao Tzu's way.

-Chapter 40 Laughable. "When a low man hears about Tao, he laughs out loud", says Lao Tzu.

-Chapter 28 Uncarved block. When Tao (="an uncarved block") scatters, it becomes holograms (=vessels, =the world).

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-Taoism videos / Chapter 6 1-5 Empty spirit

-Chapter 6a Tao Te Ching's key Chinese Characters. 谷神 Valley God = 玄牝 Dark Depth Female. Valley God is often called "Valley spirit", too, since 神 means both.

-Chapter 6b Male and Female. Yin and Yang, man and woman; these dichotomies exist to make us forget them.

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