Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 7

No self

Tatsuo Kimura on the left, an Aikido budoka of Daito-ryu, one of the highest disciples of late Yukiyoshi Sagawa, is the author of «Transparent Power». Some believe that Sagawa is the greatest budoka ever lived in Japan. He might have been stronger than Miyamoto Musashi who wrote «The Book of Five Rings / Gorin no Sho». Tatsuo Kimura on the right is a mathematician of the highest degree, working with Fournier Transforms and Reimann's zeta function. He is a professor at University of Tsukuba and the author of Introduction to Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces (Translations of Mathematical Monographs). Are they the same person? Yes, they surely are. If you doubt Aikido scientifically, ask this academician fighter. 木村達雄 大東流合気 佐川幸義透明な力 宮本武蔵, 五輪の書 筑波大学
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 7]  No self / English translation

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Heaven is long. Earth is eternal.

The reason why heaven and earth are long and eternal is that they do not give birth to themselves.

Therefore, they can live long.

That's why the sage puts his body last, but it comes out first.

That's why the sage puts out his body, but it exists.

Because he is without self, he can accomplish his self.



Your hologram has no time or space.

It is omnipresent and eternal because time and space are just concepts conceived in your head. So is your hologram. It is created in your head. A hologram doesn't create another. It is, in fact, a manifestation of Tao. So, it exists for ever.

Your head and your self are your hologram created by Tao the fundamental energy. Tao is eternal. So are you.

Therefore, the person who knows the mechanism of Tao and Dark Depth Female simply uses it. He gets what he wants without acting directly because the so-called reality is his hologram he creates.

When he puts his self out of the hologram, he is one with Tao. In reality, we are always one with Tao, but often we forget it. When you are free from the hindrance of the mundane world, you can remember it.

Besides, he plays in his hologram knowing that it is an illusion. By accepting the fact that his self is a hologram (No Self 無我 [mu ga / wu-wo] in Zen), he discovers his true self, which is Tao.

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The language you use enormously affects the way you think. The Japanese language / Nihongo is composed of the mixture of Kanji Chinese characters (ideograms) and Hiragana & Katakana phonetic letters. In the old days, softish Hiragana letters were not regarded official or "enough masculine". It was aristocratic women who started using Hiragana letters with imagination and creativity. One of the earliest female Japanese novelists, Lady Murasaki Shikibu wrote «The Tale of Genji». One of the latest, Yoko Ogawa wrote «The Housekeeper and the Professor». She tells you about mathematics and love. 日本語 漢字 ひらがな カタカナ

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