Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 9

Don’t stay

The sky exploded in Hiroshima in 1945. Then, Black Rain followed it. Masuji Ibuse wrote the novel «Black Rain / Kuroi Ame». Shohei Imamura, the director of «Ballad of Narayama / Narayamabushiko» and «the eel / Unagi», directed the film with the same title. Please compare the last scene of the original with that of the film. Which has more impact on you?  井伏鱒二  黒い雨  今村昌平  楢山節考  うなぎ
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  9-1 Don't keep it filled up
  9-2 Don't be sharp
  9-3 No gold
  9-4 Don't be haughty
  9-5 Retire
  9-6 Heaven's Taohttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0E010397D8C18618http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0E010397D8C18618http://taotechingdecoded.com/01to10/0901.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/01to10/0901.html#widget9http://taotechingdecoded.com/01to10/0901.html#widget4http://taotechingdecoded.com/01to10/0901.html#widget10http://taotechingdecoded.com/01to10/0901.html#widget11http://taotechingdecoded.com/01to10/0901.html#widget14shapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1shapeimage_6_link_2shapeimage_6_link_3shapeimage_6_link_4shapeimage_6_link_5shapeimage_6_link_6shapeimage_6_link_7

  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 9]  Don’t stay / English translation

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You had better stop keeping it filled up.

If you hammer and sharpen it, you cannot keep it long.

No one can protect gold and jade safely if they fill a hall.

If you are haughty when you are rich and noble, you are asking for calamity.

When your task is completed, you retire.

That's Tao of heaven.



Don't saturate your hologram. You should stop being stuck in there.

If you are sharp and brilliant, it is hard for you to be one with Tao.

Remember everything you see is your hologram.

If you are proud of being rich and famous, it will be difficult for you to accept the fact that it is a hologram, that is to say, an illusion.

You can play in your hologram. But don't forget what it is. It is a catalyst that stimulates you to emit the fundamental energy called Tao.

The hologram is a manifestation of Tao the fundamental energy. You should cherish it through the world around you, which is your hologram.

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The people in the country of the rising sun love the decline of something as much. Osamu Dazai wrote «The Setting Sun / Shayo» to tell us about the "do nothing" attitude of an aristocratic family. "Winning means little if it looks ugly." Yasunari Kawabata informs us of the words of «The Master of Go / Meijin». Go is often called Igo in Japanese.  太宰治  斜陽  川端康成  名人  碁  囲碁

-[Practical uses] 10 points to be One with Tao 玄同. It is too easy to believe.

-Chapter 56b Be like Dust 和光同塵. You must not be brilliant. Stop shining and be like dust. A Japanese  university was named after this.

-Chapter 48 Reduce and reduce. When you study, you accumulate your knowledge everyday. When you do Tao, you reduce everything everyday. Don't study. Otherwise, you will be stupid.

-Chapter 1b Life is a movie. You are creating your hologram. There, you are the director, the actor, and the spectator at the same time.

-Taoism videos / Chapter 9 1-5 Retire

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