Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 12

Five colors


→The young peasant who Toshiro Mifune incarnated in Akira Kurosawa's «Seven Samurai» wanted to be a samurai. The modern-day Japanese samurai, that is to say, the corporate workers / salarymen are financially as exhausted as those defeated samurai in the film after the two decades of sluggish economy there. These days,

it is "suited samurai" who want to be peasants. 三船敏郎 七人の侍 サラリーマン

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Don't be fooled by colors. They are part of your hologram.

Don't be fooled by sounds. They are part of your hologram.

Don't be fooled by tastes. They are part of your hologram.

Don't let your hologram excite you unnecessarily.

If you are attached to material things, it is more difficult to

acknowledge that the world is a hologram that you project in your


Therefore, you should concentrate on Hara the belly in order not to

be fooled by visible things.

Love the world around you. It is your hologram  

that you create. Cherish it because it is a manifestation of Tao. Receive Tao the fundamental energy to create your hologram.


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The battle of Sekigahara, the last of the big

battles before the arrival of 230 years' peace,

took place in 1600. Miyamoto Musashi is

supposed to have written «The Book of Five

Rings» about 1645. Ihara Saikaku wrote «Five Women Who Loved Love» in 1685. It took a half century for the art of battle to replace real battles. It took another half century for the art of loving to replace that of battle.  関ヶ原の戦い  宮本武蔵  五輪の書  井原西鶴  好色五人女