Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 13

Love your trouble


If someone does you a favor, you feel something. If someone disgraces you, you feel something, too.

Big trouble and your mind and body are the same. They are all your hologram.

What does it mean by the former?

You judge favor as something good, but good and bad don't exist in the world of Tao as they don't in Nature.

You judge disgrace as something bad, but judgement doesn't exist in the world of Tao like a baby's mind.

When you get something, you may have a positive feeling.

When you lose something, you may have a negative feeling.

Favor and disgrace are the same in nature. They are, after all, your personal judgement. You judge things only to stimulate your emotion.

What does it mean by "Big trouble and your mind and body are the same"?

It's simple. Your big trouble exists because you have your own self. If you don't have your self, your big trouble does not exist. You project your trouble, and your trouble projects you. Without your trouble, that it to say, your outside world, you do not exist. All of them are your hologram.

If you don't take your own self too seriously, all your troubles will disappear. Your feelings are like clouds in the sky. You don't have to feel responsible for them. So are your troubles.

Therefore, treat the rest of the world as if it is the extension of your own self. You can change the world as you like since it it your hologram you create. You can do it by accepting the world as it is and trying not to influence it directly. It is called Dark Depth Female.

Love the world as you love yourself, and you will see it transform itself because it is your hologram. Then, you will remember that you are Tao itself.

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as Lady Murasaki Shikibu («The Tale of Genji / Genji monogatari») and Ihara Saikaku («The life of an Amorous Woman / Koshoku Ichidai Onna», «The life of an Amorous man / Koshoku Ichidai Otoko»). Can we blame Japanese Manga for being too explicit? Can we blame someone for being traditional?  永井豪 デビルマン 輪島 石川県 漫画 紫式部 源氏物語 井原西鶴 好色一代女 好色一代男

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