Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 14

Tao is evasive


Don't think Tao is an entity in the material world.

It doesn't have a form. It is the fundamental energy that creates all.

Don't think Tao is a kind of wave. It is not a wave in a field such as

the magnetic field.

It can manifest as a sound, but the sound exists only in your

hologram. It can manifest itself through the hologram.

Don't think Tao is tangible. It is too small to touch it.

It is so small that it doesn't have volume. Don't regard it as a

quantum particle.

We cannot comprehend what Tao is. It is evasive.

Tao can be your own self. It can be the world around you. Or, it can

be other people. Of course, it can be the cosmos. But all of them are

holograms and Tao is the energy that creates them. Everything is

one. Forget dichotomy.

Something visible, which is a hologram, is not Tao itself. It is just a

manifestation of Tao.

Tao includes your hologram that is projected in your head. You

should cherish your hologram because it is the only way you can

consciously feel Tao, though it is not true Tao but a manifestation of


Tao is omnipresent in the world, which is your hologram. But never

think that Tao belongs there. One had better not even call it Tao

though it is inevitable for the sake of discussing it. It is a

compromise, which we should avoid. One can live happily without

knowing the word Tao.

Tao is nothing. It is everything. Tao is your hologram. Tao is you.

Tao is this cycle without time and space, so all the processes in it

takes place simultaneously.

Tao has no shape. Things with a shape belong to your hologram,

which is an illusion, a precious and adorable illusion.

Tao is no illusion. That's why you cannot perceive in your brains, where only projected holograms are perceivable. That is to say, only illusions can be perceived.

Can you see your face? It is not important to know how others think of you because they are part of your hologram.

Can you see your back? It is not important to know how your

feelings are composed. They are like clouds in the sky. Your

feelings come and go. They are not your concern.

Time is just a conceptual creation in your head. It doesn't exist.

Past, present, and future are being created simultaneously now.

By accepting your present, you can control your hologram. It is

called Dark Depth Female.

"Big Bang" is taking place now. You are the one who is creating

the world now.

You are Tao.

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Read Yama Uba the Zen play to find out how Zen works in your life.

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"Can you really see Tao, my darling Master Ikkyu?" "How does Zen work, my sweet Ikkyu-chan?" One may wonder how Zen master Ikkyu handled these innocent questions by predecessors of Geisha girls in brothels. To answer them, he wrote a Noh play, «Yama Uba». This legendary old woman is a metaphor of Zen (=Tao). Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki summarizes Ikkyu's message in a decryption intelligible to the West. His «Zen and Japanese Culture» is a good introduction to Zen.  一休 芸者 鈴木貞太郎大拙

Kyogen means "Crazy Words". It is a comical presentation in a style similar to traditional Japanese theatre Noh. Although the original «Yama Uba» is not classified in Kyogen, it has got comical elements. Yama Uba is the name of a legendary being in Japan. She is an imaginary woman living in the mountains. The baby in the picture is a famous samurai, Sakata Kintoki, who truly lived in medieval Japan. Interestingly, the Japanese got to believe that Yama Uba the mountain woman was the mother of the extraordinarily powerful man. Now they are the subjects of folk belief, hoping that kids will be healthy. 狂言 能 山姥 坂田金時