Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 15

Man who knew Tao


«POINT» A man who knows well about Tao breaks his hologram.

When you are one with Tao truly and genuinely, you know perfectly how Dark Depth functions. Dark Depth is synonymous with Tao.

Dark Depth is too profound to comprehend, but, if you believe its existence and function, it is not necessary to understand how it works. In other words, you know it instinctively and feel it. That's enough.

You don't really have to know it, but Lao Tzu gives you something to think about. (☞See [Practical uses] 10 points to be One with Tao)

Take your time. "Move only when you are forced to move", says Chuang Tzu.

You had better not influence people around you. They are part of your hologram. It is useless to impose something on the illusions you create. Just accept them and love them as they are. They are the catalyst to make you do so.

Be detached as if you were a third party.

Hang loose. Fall apart. Never mind disintegrating. Don't defend or

resist. Don't try to structure things. In Zen Buddhism in Japan, they

say, "When you are tight, you are lost. When you are loosened up, you are a Buddha". [For in Japanese, Hotoke (=Buddha, =a person who has left this world) pans with Hodokeru (=come loose, =loosen up)]

Be thick in the sense of "thickhead". Don't be smart. Be innocent and

naive. Be the initial state of being like an uncarved piece of wood.

"Be empty." means " Accept all". Don't waste your time and energy

trying to empty your head. It doesn't matter if it is empty or not. Your

mind and body are a hologram. So is the world in front of you. If you

can accept with affection your trouble, confusion, or anything, you will emit Tao the fundamental energy. This is your goal. The rest is the catalyst to do so. Tao is empty. So are you. Tao is everything. So are you.

Tao includes everything you see. It has no clear discriminations. It is

Dark Depth (=muddy water). So, don't judge.

You cannot control Tao. You had better not try to control your

hologram directly, either. But you can control your hologram by doing nothing. Let Dark Depth do the work. This method is called Dark Depth Female. Tao is a chaos without form and time. It is still and vibrant at the same time.

You cannot move Tao. You can touch things in your hologram in the head. Your brains need a restructured world (=a hologram) to comprehend what you are seeing and doing. In other words, you can touch only illusions. Tao is reality. It's bigger than your hologram. So, you can't move it. Tao is active and inactive at the same time because it is beyond your observation. This kind of dichotomy is useless. Tao creates all. Tao creates you. That's why you don't have to be responsible for yourself if you can accept all.

In order to remember you are one with Tao, you had better not fill up your hologram with desire or resistance. Your desire will be materialized in it, and consequently it gets bigger and bigger as you desire more and more. The bigger your hologram is, the more energy you need to wear it out.

The hologram is there to be worn out. It will be completely worn out and disappear eventually. This is called "breaking the mirror(破鏡 [hakyo] in Japanese)", or "breaking the face and smile(破顔微笑 [haganmisho] in Japanese)" in Zen Buddhism. They are synonyms of Satori.

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