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Chapter 16

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Accept all completely with no condition.

Do not act until it is really necessary.

All the things you see (material things and the rest; even your own self; past or future; space) are created here and now.

But all the elements in your hologram go back to their source, which is Tao the fundamental energy. What you see is its manifestation. You receive the energy through it.

The more you think about something, the more energy you feed to your hologram. Then, it develops. Mutually holograms create (define) each other. You create (define) others. Others create (define) you. But, in fact, all of them are the same because it is the fundamental energy Tao. Don't be misled by the word "go back". There is no time in Tao. Time exists only in your head. Everything happens simultaneously. Even the future and the past are being created now.

Switching the cause and the result (Reverse Thinking) will help you reach (or go back to) the state of stillness, which is the state before things are projected in your hologram. The state is called Bumo misho izen in Zen Buddhism. Reaching the state (or remembering the state) is called Satori by Zen Buddhists.

"Destiny" is a misleading, but useful word. In principle, you are the one who creates your destiny (or so-called reality) in your hologram. Nevertheless, if you think that you are responsible for it and obliged to act directly on it, you are mistaken. You had better not act directly on your hologram. Let it flow by accepting all. In this sense, the idea that a god is responsible for your destiny is a useful device. By thinking so, you can suppress your obsession to act, or do something. You don't have to do anything. You just accept all. Then, your hologram will transform itself. Don't worry.

Tao has no time. Only you have the concept of time in your head. So, Tao is constant. By "Reverse thinking", you can reach (or go back to) Tao, which is constant. You are constant.

If you remember you are Tao, which is constant, it is called Satori ("enlightenment" in English).

The word "enlightenment" is misleading as well. Satori has nothing to do with "light". It may give you an impression that Satori is a kind of hallucination or an altered state. It is disastrous to be stuck in the vain pursuit. That's why Zen masters say, "If you try to reach Satori, you will never get there".

If you know Tao is eternal and exists everywhere in your hologram, it is not difficult to accept all what happens around you.

If you accept all, you will see that individuality is an illusion. Your own self disappears. Then, you can tell that you are out of your hologram and one with Tao.

If you know you are out of your hologram and one with Tao, you can tell that you are the one who is creating your hologram.

If you know that you are the one who is creating the hologram, you can tell that you are the hologram itself.

If you know that you are the hologram, you can tell that the hologram is Tao, that is to say, you are Tao.

Tao is eternal because it is the origin of everything. It means that you are eternal.

Your life is a hologram, which functions as a catalyst to have you emit more of the fundamental energy Tao. It doesn't matter if you lose your hologram, or life. After all, it is just a trigger. The objective is to emit more energy, in other words, to love more since love is another name of Tao. It doesn't matter what you love. Just love it, and love it more.



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Izumi Kyoka is another great personality from Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan, along with Kitaro Nishida and Daisetz Suzuki. If you like Edgar Alan Poe, it is worth checking Kyoka's works. Thousands of miles apart and in the two completely different languages, but somehow you can see the same sensitivity towards words and the intangible world.  ↑ Rinzai Zen Master Ikkyu is supposed to have written Yama Uba, the woman of the mountain, to show villagers what Zen is.  泉鏡花  石川県金沢市  西田幾多郎  鈴木大拙  一休禅師  山姥  禅

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