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Chapter 17

Taoism’s best way

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  17-1 The highest
  17-2 The second highest
  17-3 An awesome ruler
  17-4 The worst ruler
  17-5 Doubt
  17-6 No hurry
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 17]  Taoism’s best way / English translation

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The highest is the one that the lower ones don't know of.

The second highest is the one that they are familiar with and praise.

The next is the one that they are afraid of.

The next is the one that they despise.

When you lack in faith, there is doubt.

No hurry. Don't say a word lightly.

When task is completed and work done, everyone says: "I just let it happen".



<POINT> Taoism's most effective way is to accept all.

The best way to treat your hologram is not to influence it at all. The people in your hologram don't have to know that you are creating them. They are not happy when you personally tell them that they are illusions. The act of convincing the others in it seems to create confrontation, or contradiction (or a kind of mental short circuit). For your brains are busy creating the hologram (=the world) while the logical side of them tries to deny its creation as illusion. Both of them are correct, but, apparently, this ambivalence is useless. This kind of conflict inside your own self is a waste of energy. Just accept all without any judgement. This is the most important and, probably, the easiest attitude in Taoism.

The second best way to treat your hologram (=the world) is to love it. If you can love all the world (=your hologram) without being obsessed with it, it could be even better than the former. Having said that, the misunderstanding of the word "Love" is a classical theme of discussion. Obviously, many people think that to love someone is to virtually colonize him, saying, "I give everything, so he has to be mine". Love is not possession at all. Because of this risk, loving your hologram (=the world) could be the second best in Taoism. On the other hand, to praise doesn't have any risk. Gratitude is one of the best forms of Love. Say "Thank you".

Looking at your hologram (=the world) with awe is better than despising it or complaining about it. But being afraid of the world (=your hologram) is not good at all. No matter how menacing your world looks at present, it is there to be a catalyst or a trigger. Giving you a hard time is not its goal.

Don't despise the world and other people. Don't complain about them. It is like complaining about stars and flowers. It is resistance. (It is waste of energy.) You are blocking the flow of energy between Yin and Yang. You are disturbing change. This is the worst solution if you want your hologram (=the world) to transform itself to another stage. Don't resist. Let it flow.

When you are lacking in the faith of Taoism, that is to say, you don't believe in Taoism, you surely doubt Tao's effectiveness of transforming your hologram. It is up to you, but why don't you give Taoism a try. You will see how effective it is.

Don't move until you are forced to. You don't have to convince others.

Though you are the one who creates their achievements in your hologram, people will say, "I don't know how it happened. It's a miracle. Probably, I did it without knowing it". Let them say so. Taoism's most effective way is to accept all.

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↑ «The Taiheiki» was written in the late 14th century. It is about the battles of samurai. «Sun and Steel» was written by Yukio Mishimain the late 20th century. It is about the "battles" of those who wanted to regard themselves as samurai. The word "samurai" fascinates more those who are not than those who have to carry the true burden of being one.  太平記  太陽と鉄 三島由紀夫

Oda Nobunaga was a samurai with innovative ideas in economy. He was able to understand the importance of firearms and, therefore, the money to buy them. He got rid of both tax and commercial restriction in his territory. Eventually he got rich and almost conquered Japan. Any Japanese kid might have thought of being a Nobunaga. Thanks to Koei Corp., it became possible in 1983. Now you can be the tycoon on the video game.

-Chapter 1b Life is a movie. You are creating your hologram. There, you are the director, the actor, and the spectator at the same time. If you can accept this, Taoism will be a piece of cake.

-[Practical uses] 10 points to be One with Tao 玄同. It is too easy to believe. Taoism is, in fact, a piece of cake.

-[Practical uses] Zen is love. Probably, the shortest and clearest answer to your question concerning Zen and Love.

-Taoism videos / Chapter 17 1-7 Chuang Tzu’s maxim

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