Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 20

Eat mother


  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 20]  Eat mother / English translation

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Between "yes" and "yeah" how great is the distance?

Between good and evil how great is the distance?

Does one have to fear what people fear?

It blurs, and has not been exhausted!

Many people are having fun as if they were invited to a feast or as if they went up to a terrace in spring.

I alone don't move. There is no sign yet.

As if I were a newborn child who has not yet smiled.

Being tired and without energy, as if I had no place to go back to.

Many people have more than enough.

I am alone as if I had left it.

I am the heart of a fool! Chaotic!

Mundane people are brilliant.

I alone am dark.

Mundane people investigate things carefully and analyze them cleverly.

I alone am not clear.

Calm as if it were the sea.

Hissing like high wind never being stopped.

Many people all have a purpose.

I alone am stubborn and incompetent.

I alone am different from people.

And value eating the mother.



<POINT> "Eating" means "receiving". "The mother" signifies "Tao".

Being educated is not important.

It is not important at all to to learn the difference between good and evil. They are the same.

You don't have to respond like other people. Let other people fear what they want to fear, but you have to know that what awes them is part of your hologram.

Tao is not tangible. It has no limit. It is omnipresent and eternal.

From here on, Lao Tzu explain a man who is One with Tao 玄同 in comparison with people, which are often used to represent a hologram. People in your hologram (=in the world you see) do many things. Sometimes, they have fun. Sometimes, they get depressed.

When you are one with Tao, you are stable. You have nothing to do with these emotional states. Like some Kanak people in New Caledonia, you can think that all the elements in the world (=your hologram) are signs. In other words, all you see in your life are symbols to be decoded. It is an interesting way to look at the world (=your hologram), but, if you know that it is a catalyst and its sole objective is to have us emit more of the fundamental energy Tao, it doesn't make any difference to you whether you interpret the symbols or not. Tao is neither signs nor holograms. It is the state before them.

Lao Tzu says water is something very close to Tao. A newborn child is a human equivalent to water. Smile is his expression. Expressing something is exactly the function of a hologram, not that of Tao.

Fatigue is nothing bad at all in Taoism since physical energy (not the fundamental energy Tao itself) belong to your hologram. Without the excess of any physical energy, you are calm and stable. You are always one with Tao. The problem is that you often forget it. Since yo are always one with Tao, you don't have to go back to it. You are Tao.

"People" means "your hologram". It is abundant. There you have as much as you want since you project the hologram in your mind.

When you realize that you are the one who is projecting the hologram, you are already out of it. This state of mind is called Satori in Zen Buddhism. Logically, you are alone. You have "left" your hologram, where the rest of the people are. Your own self belongs to the hologram as well. True You, which is Tao, is outside it, of course. The first word of baby Buddha right after his birth is said to be, "Above heaven, below heaven, I am alone, who is the only respectable being 天上天下唯我独尊". Don't you think his words summarize the mechanism of holography very well?

A fool is also close to Tao like water and a baby. Chaos is, in fact, a harmony beyond our comprehension.

Some people look brilliant to your eye, but don't be jealous. It is useless to compare yourself with them. They are just characters in your holographic movie. They are there to be your catalysts. You don't have to shine. (☞See Chapter 56b Be like dust)

Does the word "dark" sound pessimistic? No, not at all. In Taoism, something important is dark like Dark Depth, which is a synonym of Tao.

Don't be careful. Don't investigate things. Don't doubt Taoism. Or, if you believe in something else, don't doubt what you believe. It doesn't matter what you believe. The main thing is that you believe in something. Its name is not important at all as Lao Tzu says at the very first chapter of Tao Te Ching. Besides, you had better not analyze things. Analyzing is dissecting what is in harmony. If you dissect a frog in order to study its life, you will never find it out and the frog will lose it. Don't be clever.

You are not clear. Of course, not. For you are the only creator of your hologram. You are Dark Depth. You are Tao.

Tao is the sea. It is calm, but has plenty of energy inside. So are you when you are one with Tao.

Tao is hissing like high wind though it looks calm because it is pure energy. No one can stop Tao.

The other people in your hologram (=the world) seem to have a purpose in life, and look useful to each other. Don't impose your interpretation on their image. They are illusions. You project them in your mind.

You don't have to be flexible unless you want to. You can be stubborn. You had better not take action in your hologram (=the world). You had better not move until you are forced to. This is Chuang Tzu's maxim.

Of course, you are different from the others in your hologram (=the world). You are the only one who can create it. It's your movie and you are the director. (☞See Chapter 1b Life is a movie) You are independent. The others are not.

"The mother" signifies Tao. You can call it "universal and unconditional Love". It is the fundamental energy that manifests itself through your hologram. "Eating" means "receiving". You receive the fundamental energy Tao through the hologram you create. Then, you emit the energy. This is the primordial cycle of Yin and Yang. Since there is no time and space in Tao, everything happens simultaneously without distance. That is to say, you are Tao. Yin is Yang. You "eat the mother". She eats you. This is the most important. The rest is the catalyst to circulate the energy Tao.

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While Lao Tzu might be the name for a collection of old wisdom rather than a person, Chuang Tzu really lived in 4th-century-BC China. Nevertheless, both their works are now mixed up with notes and comments written by later hands. On the other hand, in Dogen's «Shobogenzo» in Japanese, the original text is free from misleading interpretations added by the residents of the ivory tower.

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