Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 23

Noises don’t last

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  23-1 Say no words
  23-2 High wind II
  23-3 Downpour
  23-4 Heaven's responsibility
  23-5 Man's responsibility
  23-6 According to Tao
  23-7 Satori = Attainment
  23-8 Attainment loss
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 23]  Noises don’t last / English translation

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Saying no words makes things come about by themselves.

Therefore, a noisy high wind doesn't last all morning.

A noisy downpour doesn't last all day.

Who is doing these? Heaven and earth are.

How can man keep on doing it for a long time if heaven and earth cannot do it.

Therefore, those who act according to Tao are one with Tao.

Those who act according to the attainment of Tao are one with the attainment of Tao.

Those who act according to the loss of its attainment are one with the loss of its attainment.

When you don't have enough faith, you doubt it.



<POINT> If you don't have enough faith, you doubt. When you doubt, you talk too much.

You don't have to say anything because what you want will come about by itself. Especially, you had better not try to act on anything directly. This is the key element of Dark Depth Female.

Nature is a very good example. A noisy high wing doesn't last long.

A noisy downpour doesn't last long, either.

Who is doing these? Nature is. Nevertheless, this is rather a figure of speech. Be aware that you are the one who create the nature by projecting your hologram in the mind. There is no objective world outside you.

The figurative expression continues. Essentially, it says, "Your own self (not true You) is part of the hologram. You cannot affect other objects there as they can't affect each other".

Therefore, if you receive with gratitude the energy of Tao through your hologram (=the world), you are one with Tao, which means that you know you are Tao.

If you know that you are Tao, you are in the state of the attainment of Tao, which is called Satori in Zen Buddhism.

If you have forgotten that you are Tao, you are stuck in the hologram (=the world) you create. This is called "the loss of the attainment of Tao 失得 (徳)" and "being lost (迷い [mayoi] in Japanese)" in Zen Buddhism in Japan.

Believing or having faith is to accept all. When you don't have enough faith, you resist the total acceptance of your hologram (=the world). Then, your resistance creates some  images (not only tangible objects but also intangible feelings like doubts) that bother you. These hindrances are there in your hologram (=the world), not in order to make you suffer, but to lead you to the attainment of Tao. In Buddhism, it is called Bonno soku bodai 煩悩即菩提 ("Being lost is justly Bodhi, or the spiritual awakening" in English).

In conclusion, if you don't have enough faith, you doubt. When you doubt, you talk too much. In any case, don't worry.

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Listen to the noise without noises. Hear the sound of silence. Touch it as Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel sang! What is that sound? Is it like «The Sound of the Mountain» as Yasunari Kawabata wrote? At the moment of writing, Paul Simon was 23 years old; Yasunari Kawabata, 55 years old. The sound changes as you get older, it seems.

-Chapter 10f Dark Depth Attainment. 徳(得)is the famous Te of Tao Te Ching. It is often translated as moral. Tao by Matsumoto prefers «attainment», which is the Chinese character in parentheses. "Borrowing a character of the same pronunciation" takes place often in the old literature.

-[Practical uses] Zen is Love. Is Love a four-letter word? It was considered so, at least in samurai Japan.

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