Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 24

Don’t show off

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  24-1 Tiptoeing
  24-2 Striding
  24-3 Express nothing
  24-4 True righteousness
  24-5 Bragging man
  24-6 Boasting man
  24-7 Excessive food
  24-8 Frustration
  24-9 After Satorihttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL77333D0356CDD820http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL77333D0356CDD820http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2401.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2401.html#widget11http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2401.html#widget7http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2401.html#widget12http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2401.html#widget13http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2406.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2406.html#widget10http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2406.html#widget7http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2406.html#widget11shapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5shapeimage_5_link_6shapeimage_5_link_7shapeimage_5_link_8shapeimage_5_link_9shapeimage_5_link_10

  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 24]  Don’t show off / English translation
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A tiptoeing man doesn't stand.

A striding man doesn't go.

A man who expresses himself is not clearly seen.

If a man think he is right, his righteousness is not visible.

A bragging man is not successful.

A boasting man is never the best.

From the point of view of Tao, they are excessive food and unnecessary conduct.

Things may detest them.

Therefore, a man with Tao doesn't stay there.

<POINT> You don't need to impress others.

Don't show off.

Don't go fast. Don't live a fast life.

Don't try to convince others. Don't act directly on your hologram (=the world).

Don't judge. There is neither good nor bad in Tao.

Don't brag. Don't say you are successful.

Don't boast. Don't say you are the best although you are the best, the creator of your hologram (=the world).

All these attitudes are excessive and unnecessary. They are counterproductive from the point of view of Tao, especially from that of Dark Depth Female.

"Things" mean all the beings in your hologram. So, "Things may detest them." means "Things in the hologram may not work as you think". But don't worry. Your thoughts themselves are part of the hologram. You may feel frustrated, but the frustration is like clouds in the sky. You don't really possess your feelings. Or, we can say that, for your spiritual development, you are creating the most suitable frustration.

Therefore, you should get out of your hologram in order to remember that you are Tao. Getting out of it = Accepting all of it.  Accept what you are. Accept the world. Then, you will remember that your own self and the rest of the world are part of your hologram. You will remember that you are Tao. You are no longer stuck in your hologram (=the world). You will remember that you have never been stuck there.http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2401.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2401.html#widget11http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2401.html#widget7http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2401.html#widget12http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2401.html#widget13http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2406.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2406.html#widget10http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2406.html#widget10http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2406.html#widget7http://taotechingdecoded.com/21to30/2406.html#widget11../01to10/0500b.html../01to10/1000e.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1shapeimage_6_link_2shapeimage_6_link_3shapeimage_6_link_4shapeimage_6_link_5shapeimage_6_link_6shapeimage_6_link_7shapeimage_6_link_8shapeimage_6_link_9shapeimage_6_link_10shapeimage_6_link_11

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Of course, he did not show off. He was not an exchange

student. Manjiro Nakahama, a young uneducated fisherman, was swept away by a storm. And the combination of "coincidences" took him to Boston. He studied there. Eventually, he came back to Japan as a rare Japanese person who was able to speak English fluently at the end of the samurai era. Masuji Ibuse, the author of this «Castaways», portrayed three characters who did not fight against their destinies: Manjiro, the young woman in «Black Rain», and the two animals in «The Salamander».   Yasunari Kawabata, the author of «House of the Sleeping Beauties», may have thought that the perfect let-go was to sleep. Sleeping is the job of those beautiful young women. They accept any thoughts of their customers unless they wake them up. 中浜万次郎  井伏鱒二  黒い雨  山椒魚  川端康成  眠れる美女