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Chapter 28

Uncarved block


  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 28]  Uncarved block / English translation

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Know its male.

Protect its female.

Be the valley under the sky.

Be the valley under the sky.

Then, the attainment of constancy will never leave you.

You will return to a baby.

Know its white.

Protect its darkness.

Be the valley under the sky.

Be the valley under the sky.

Then, the attainment of constancy is sufficient.

You will return to an uncarved block.

When the uncarved block scatters, it becomes vessels.

The sage uses them, and makes them the chief of the officials.

Therefore, the greatest control doesn't split any.



<POINT> Don't split any. Don't judge.

Know the limits of direct (=masculine) action in your hologram (=the world).

Stay one with Tao and use Dark Depth Female.

The valley is void. This is an equivalent to "sky" in Buddhism. Both of them mean emptiness, which indicates Tao. Be Tao because you are the one. Your mind and body are part of your hologram.

Remember that you are Tao. When you forget it, you are lost in your desires, which are not part of true You (=Tao), but belong to your hologram (=illusion, =a catalyst, =the world).

Tao is constant and omnipresent. "The attainment of constancy" means the attainment of Tao. By accepting all the rest of the world (=your hologram), you can remember that you are Tao. This is the attainment of Tao. In fact, Tao is always with you and never leaves you (because you are the Tao itself). But, sometimes, you forget the fact. It is the cause of all the sufferings.

A baby is the one who never forget the fact because he doesn't either reason nor analyse. Be like a baby, and you will return to the state of the attainment of Tao (=Dark Depth Attainment).

People will say one has to learn how to discern white from black. Forget it. You don't need any dichotomy (二見 [niken] in Zen Buddhism)

Stay with Dark Depth, which is Tao.

Be the valley under the sky. Be the point where the male meets the female. Be void. Be empty. All of them mean the same thing. It is to accept all.

Be one with Tao the valley (=nothingness) while living in your hologram. Don't look down on your hologram (= the world) you are living with. It is Tao's manifestation. It is the prayer wheel you turn.

When you accept all and love all, you are perfectly one with Tao. This is "the attainment of constancy", and no one can be better than this. It is the goal. Your hologram (=the world, =your prayer wheel) exists to give you opportunities to do it.

By accepting all and loving all, you will return to true You (="an uncarved block" 樸 in Chinese character / Kanji), which is Tao.

When Tao (=the uncarved block) scatters, it becomes holograms (=vessels, =the world).

You use your hologram, not by acting on it directly, but through Dark Depth Female. Let people in your hologram do whatever they want to do. If they want to be "the chiefs of the officials" and reign over your world, let them do.

Therefore, you mustn't forget that you are Tao. It is omnipresent. In each object you see in your hologram (=the world), you find it. Tao is "the greatest control" because you (=Tao) projects everything in the world. Tao cannot be divided and does not "split away". Since everything is one, the idea of dividing something does not suit Tao. So, you had better not judge. Don't discern good from evil. It is not only useless but will block the natural flow of energy. With the energy, the circle of Yin and Yang rotates like the earth and a prayer wheel. This rotation is the transformation of your so-called reality (=your hologram).

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An uncarved block is the state of being as you are. The young girl in Yasunari Kawabata's «The Dancing girl of Izu» is a good example of an uncarved block. This dancer in a poor traveling company behaves with no awareness of class difference. She is so happy to see the boy student, and, to say hello, runs out of bath, naked. The "uncarved block" attitude is the same as "Kami nagara no michi", or the way of being a god. Daisetz Suzuki talks about this in his «Zen and Japanese Culture».  樸  川端康成 「伊豆の踊り子」 神ながらの道  鈴木大拙  禅と日本文化

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