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Chapter 33


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  33-1 Learn people
  33-2 Learn Self
  33-3 Defeat people
  33-4 Defeat Self
  33-5 Learn satisfaction
  33-6 Ambition
  33-7 Tao the eternal
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 33]  Self / English translation

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Knowing people is wisdom.

Knowing himself is enlightenment.

Defeating people is powerful.

Defeating himself is strong.

Knowing satisfaction is wealthy.

Forcing himself is ambitious.

Not losing this place is eternal.

Living after his life is a long life.



<POINT> Your own self is part of the hologram.

A man of wisdom knows that people and objects in the world in front of him are his hologram. But he still has discrimination between his own self and others.

In fact, other people and objects are the extended part of his own self. Likewise, his own self is the extended part of the others. In Zen Buddhism, they say, "Your own self is mountains, rivers, and lands. The mountains, the rivers, and the lands are your own self".

Maybe, you think someone powerful can defeat others, but, once you understand they are part of your hologram, any competition will be meaningless.

On the other hand, your worst enemy could be yourself unless you are able to accept who you are. But who are you really? Your own self is not truly You. It is rather an extension of others, or non-you. The strongest and most effective way is to first tell true You (=Tao) from your hologram (=the world in front of you, including your own body and mind), and then accept and love the latter because it is a manifestation of Tao (=You).

You can learn how to be satisfied, and it is easy. If you know your outside world, which is your hologram, exists just as a catalyst, you don't have to feel frustrated. Your objective is simple and clear. You don't have to achieve anything. All you have to do is to emit more of the fundamental energy (=Tao, =Love). By accepting all and being grateful to them, you can do it easily. This is your goal. What else can you do? When you do it, you are the wealthiest. You have already got all you need. You have only to remember it.

Your ambition doesn't belong to you. It is like rain. Your body and mind doesn't belong to you, either. Don't try to control it because you will never be able to do. Can you make your heart and bowels move as you like? Don't force anyone to do anything, yourself included. If you have ambitions, it is all right. Even if they are not fulfilled, it is all right, too. Don't waste your energy by feeling frustrated.

"This place" means Tao. If you don't lose Tao, you are eternal. But you are Tao. How can you lose it! You sometimes forget the fact and get confused. That's all.

Your "life" is a hologram. So is your "self". Of course, after a hologram, Tao continues. Tao is eternal. So are you.

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-Chapter 28 Uncarved block. When Tao (=the uncarved block) scatters, it becomes holograms (=vessels, =the world).

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“Kokoro 心" is a Japanese word without any equivalent in English. Sometimes, "kokoro" is translated as mind. Sometimes, as heart. English words mind and heart confuse a Japanese when he finds out that they are not the same. It seems that the definition of the word "kokoro" covers all but something material. It may sound illogic to an English speaker, but logic does not belong to the area of "kokoro". To the Japanese, logic is something "fake" and not sincere. It is part of the material world.