Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 37

No desire


Chikamatsu Monzaemon, playwright, 1653 - 1725. Some think that he was a Japanese Shakespeare. In the period of Edo, Japan enjoyed 250 years of peace. Without any war and with flourishing economy, love affairs had become the most intriguing matter in the islands of Samurai. The playwright told the Japanese what they wanted to hear as TV reporters do nowadays.  近松門左衛門

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  37-4 No desire
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 37]  No desire / English translation

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Tao always does nothing, and everything is done.

If lords and kings can keep this, everything will transform itself.

If desire comes out during the transformation, I will use the uncarved block with no name in order to calm it down.

The uncarved block with no name naturally wants to have no desire.

Don't desire and be still, and the world under the sky will stabilize itself.



Tao is a pure form of energy and has no intention. Even though it has no intention, everything in your hologram (=the world) is perfectly in order. It is because you are the one who projects the hologram.

"Lords and kings" signifies the people who create the world, in other words, the one who projects the hologram. They mean you. Therefore, if you know how to have no desire, the world (=your hologram) "will transform itself". You had better not have any intention to control it.

If in case you have an unquenchable desire to control the transformation of your hologram (=the world), remember true You are "the uncarved block with no name" (=Tao). Just remember that the world in front of you (=your hologram) exists only as a catalyst. All you have to do is to accept and love it. That's the way you emit more of the fundamental energy Tao. You will discover that your seemingly unquenchable desire does not belong to you. It is a catalyst as well. Desire is like clouds in the sky. If you leave it alone, the wind, or the energy of Tao, will blow it away eventually.

"The uncarved block with no name" (=Tao) has no desire. Desire and intention are resistance. It is waste of energy. Tao is like water. It simply avoids resistance. It is wise to understand its function and be like water.

Don't have any intention to control your hologram. Don't move until you are forced to, as Chuang Tzu says. Then, naturally your hologram (="the world under the sky") will find equilibrium like water. Just trust it.

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On the right, «Chikamatsu Monogatari / A story from Chikamatsu» was directed by Kenji Mizoguchi. On the left, its original title is «Shinju Ten no amijima». A director / actress couple, Masahiro Shinoda and Shima Iwashita worked together.  At that time Iwashita was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Japan.  近松物語  溝口健二  心中天網島  篠田正浩  岩下志麻