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Chapter 39



  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 39]  One / English translation

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Once up on a time, somebody attained One.

Heaven attained One and got clear.

Earth attained One and got stable.

Gods attained One and got spiritual.

The valley attained One and got filled.

Everything attained One and was born.

Lords and kings attained One and became the masters of the world under the sky.

It is One who did these.

If heaven were not clear, it might be torn apart.

If earth were not stable, it might collapse.

If gods were not spiritual, they might rest.

If the valley were not filled, it might be exhausted.

If everything were not born, it might be ruined.

If lords and kings were not masters, they might stumble and fall.

Therefore, the noble make the mean their root.

The high make the low their basis.

That's why lords and kings call themselves "orphans", "less virtue", and "no good".

This act is making the mean their root, is it not?

Therefore, if they often do something honorable, there is no honor.

They don't want to be like jade.

They are like stone.



<POINT> One = Tao. Not all the time, though.

Once upon a time, somebody attained Tao. In fact, it is you who attained Tao. In fact, you didn't even attain it because you didn't need to. True You are Tao itself. All you have to do is to remember it.

When you project the clear "heaven" in your hologram (=the world in front of you), you need the fundamental energy Tao, which is true You. Your own self is not true You. It is part of your hologram, which is a catalyst to provoke you to react to the beauty of the clear sky. When you appreciate it, you emit the energy. This "give and take" takes place inside true You (=Tao). It's the Yin Yang circle.

When you project the stable "earth" in your hologram, you need Tao. Space is part of your hologram.

Invisible things like "gods", feelings, thoughts, and time are part of your hologram. You project them. So, they are projected as you wish no matter how much you feel otherwise. At the same time, they are catalysts, and true You (=Tao) have nothing to do with them. So, you don't have to be responsible for them no matter how much you feel otherwise.

"The valley" means void in Taoism. Void needs Tao's energy and has plenty of it. In Buddhism it is expressed as "Void is justly colors".

"Everything" is projected in your mind's hologram. It doesn't really exist. It is an elusive catalyst. That's why they say in Buddhism, "Colors are justly void". Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that it is not important at all. On the contrary, its role as a catalyst is essential. To give birth to this precious catalyst, we need Tao's energy.

"Lords and kings" are the masters of the world (=your hologram), who mean you. To explain the relation between the hologram and its projector, Buddha said, "In heaven and the world under it, I am the only respectable one".

Tao, which is true You, creates all.

Without Tao's energy, the hologram of "heaven" will disappear.

Without Tao's energy, you cannot project the hologram of "earth".

Without Tao's energy, you cannot feel or think. Everything spiritual, including your own self, will stop functioning.

The void around you is filled with Tao's energy. It is part of your hologram. Without the energy, the void and the hologram can no longer appear and stimulate you as a catalyst.

"Everything" is a hologram, a catalyst, and an illusion. However, it doesn't mean that it is less important than Tao. Tao needs its recreation, the constant circulation of the energy. Without your hologram (=the world), it couldn't have it. The whole system of Yin Yang circle wouldn't work. So, don't look down on your hologram (=the world). Cherish the world and emit more of the fundamental energy (=Tao, =Love).

Although your own self (="lords and kings") is a hologram, it is as important as Tao (=true You). Your own self stimulates Tao. All the holograms stimulates it. Therefore, don't despise your own self. Don't be too concerned about it, either. Just remember that true You (=Tao) are the master of the world (=your hologram). The world is perfect no matter how much you think otherwise. If you forget that you are its master, it "might stumble and fall", in other words, you will suffer from feelings caused by your hologram (=the world).

Therefore, you should not segregate something noble from something mean. Then, you assimilate the root of everything, which is Tao.

You should not tell something high from something low. With no judgement, you assimilate the basis of everything, which is Tao.

That's why you should be humble. Don't brag that you are the master. Don't try to control the world (=your hologram). Don't judge.

This is how you can be one with Tao, is it not? By accepting and loving all, that's the way!

Therefore, if you do something with any kind of intention, the act is useless. It is not Tao's way.

You should not shine and stand out.

Be like dust.

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