Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 41

Tao’s move


Judo was first called "Yawara", which means "soft". Hibari Misora, a Japanese Judy Garland, sang "Yawara" and Naoki Urasawa, a Japanese cartoonist, drew "Yawara (A Fashionable Judo Girl)".  やわら  やわらかい  美空ひばり  柔  ヤワラ

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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 41]  Tao’s move / English translation

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Returning is Tao's move.

Being weak is Tao's means.

Everything under the sky is born from you.

You are born from nothing.



Everything goes back to Tao.

Be weak and use Dark Depth Female. It is your means to change your hologram (=the world).

Your own self is the mother of the world because it projects the world (=your hologram).

"Nothing" means Tao. Tao is your mother because it projects your own "self". Then, who are you? True You are Tao itself.

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-Chapter 15 Man who knew Tao. "A man who knows well about Tao breaks his hologram", says Lao Tzu.

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Hibari Misora also sang "Yawara no Otoko/ A man of Yawara  (or Judo)". Akira Kurosawa made two films about "Sanshiro Sugata". Although Sanshiro Sugata is an imaginary character, he is based on some important personalities in the creation of modern Judo.  柔の男  黒澤明  姿三四郎