Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 43

No existence


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  43-1 The softest
  43-2 No space
  43-3 Valuable no-action
  43-4 Without wordshttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB1D1ACB25DDDE8AChttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB1D1ACB25DDDE8AChttp://taotechingdecoded.com/41to50/4301.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/41to50/4301.html#widget10http://taotechingdecoded.com/41to50/4301.html#widget6http://taotechingdecoded.com/41to50/4301.html#widget11shapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5

  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 43]  No existence / English translation

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The softest one under the sky makes the hardest one run.

No existence enters no space.

Thus, I learn how valuable no action is.

Teaching without words and the benefit of no action are almost the best under the sky.



Be soft. Don't be tough.

"No existence" means the existence without any form. It is another name for Tao. "No space" means gaps, crevices, and "spaceless" spaces; that is to say, all the spaces. Tao is everywhere.

"No action" doesn't mean "You don't do anything". You do "no action". With no action, you can do anything because you project your “reality” (=hologram).

You can convey your thoughts without words. In fact, they are shared by all. So, you don't need to act. Simply, you should stop complaining about something perfect. The world in front of you (= your hologram) is perfect because you are the one who projects it in your “mind”. Evidently, there is no use teaching nor acting directly.

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-Chapter 3c Act without acting. Acting on it means refusing it. Frustration that follows refusal is waste of energy.

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