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Chapter 52



  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 52]  Enlightenment / English translation

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In the world under the sky, there is a beginning.

You should call it the mother of the world under the sky.

If you have already attained its mother, you know its child.

If you already know the child and return to defend the mother, you will be safe till the end of your life.

If you stuff its holes and close its gate, you will never be tired.

If you open its holes and do its jobs, you will never be saved.

Seeing the small is called enlightenment.

Defending the soft is called strength.

Use its light. Return to its enlightenment. Then, your body's bad luck will disappear.

This is called entering enlightenment.



There is a constant "beginning" in your hologram (="the world under the sky"). It is like a constant "Big Bang", and the beginning is your own self. There is a beginning of your own self, which projects the hologram including "your own self". In Tao, time doesn't exist.

The "beginning" is the mother of the hologram (=the world). She is Tao.

While "the mother" means Tao, "the child" signifies your hologram. "If you have already attained" Tao, you know true You are Tao and what you see is a hologram and catalyst to have you emit more of the fundamental energy Tao.

"Know the child" suggests comprehending that the world in front of you is your hologram and a catalyst. "Return" is a very important concept in Taoism. By accepting and loving your so-called reality (=the world, =your hologram), you can return to its beginning. It is the mother, who is Tao. To "defend" it means to stay with it or to be one with it. When you are one with Tao, you are safe because so-called danger exists only in your hologram (=so-called reality, =the world). But remember true You are Tao, so you are always safe. Don't be afraid.

Close your eyes and cover your ears. If you don't pay attention to the outside world, you will never be tired. It's better if you accept it as it is. Then, you will realize that it is transforming itself as you like because it is you who project the hologram (=the world).

If you pay attention to the outside world and are affected by it, you will never be able to remember that true You are Tao and create the hologram (=the world).

"See" Tao although it is invisible. To see it means to accept your hologram and receive Tao the energy through it. By doing it with Love and gratitude, you emit the energy and establish its cycle. It is Satori, or enlightenment. (☞ See Chapter 16 Go back. "Satori is not an altered state." See also 16-9 Satori)

"Defend" means "be with", in this context, "be in the condition of". Therefore, the sentence suggests that, when you are soft, you are strong. For something soft like water is quite close to Tao. If you are like Tao, you are strong.

"Light" is Love, or the fundamental energy Tao. You can receive the light through the objects you see, the acts you do, and the thoughts you bear. When you receive the light and return it to its origin, you are one with Tao. The state is called enlightenment. You can "return" to the state any time. Then, you remember that all disasters and misfortunes are, in fact, your hologram created by you. In other words, unless you create something horrible, you are safe.

Understanding and using this mechanism is called "entering enlightenment". You receive Tao through the world and emit Tao by creating the world. This act is called Satori, or enlightenment. Entering its state is easy, isn't it? (☞ See Chapter 27 Love all. "Satori is absolute acceptance." See also 27-8 Enter enlightenment)

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Kanzo Uchimura founded the non-church movement in Japan and was the first man who used the expression "Mukyokai" in this sense. He was born as a samurai and converted to Christianity. He studied at Sapporo Agricultural College, Hokkaido, Japan, and Amherst College, New England. 内村鑑三 無教会