Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 55

Baby’s safe

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  55-1 Inner attainment
  55-2 No stings
  55-3 No attack
  55-4 No hitting
  55-5 Soft sinew
  55-6 Male organ
  55-7 Virility
  55-8 Su Dongpo / No husky voice
  55-9 Peak of harmony
  55-10 Know harmony?
  55-11 Constant enlightenment
  55-12 No increased life
  55-13 Takuan / Mind & Ki
  55-14 Strong = Old
  55-15 Anti-Tao
  55-16 No early endhttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA9D6DF390DA5B7E4http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA9D6DF390DA5B7E4http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5501.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5501.html#widget10http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5501.html#widget6http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5501.html#widget11http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5505.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5505.html#widget9http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5505.html#widget6http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5505.html#widget10http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5509.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5509.html#widget12http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5509.html#widget4http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5509.html#widget6http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5513.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5513.html#widget10http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5513.html#widget4http://taotechingdecoded.com/51to60/5513.html#widget6shapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5shapeimage_5_link_6shapeimage_5_link_7shapeimage_5_link_8shapeimage_5_link_9shapeimage_5_link_10shapeimage_5_link_11shapeimage_5_link_12shapeimage_5_link_13shapeimage_5_link_14shapeimage_5_link_15shapeimage_5_link_16shapeimage_5_link_17

  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 55] Baby’s safe / English translation

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One who richly has inner attainment can be compared with a baby.

Bees, scorpions, and vipers don't sting him.

Violent animals don't attack him.

Eagles and hawks don't hit him.

His bones are weak, his sinews are soft, and his hold is tight.

Although he doesn't know the intercourse of a male and a female yet, his male organ erects itself.

He is at the peak of virility.

He cries out all day long, but his voice doesn't get husky.

He is at the peak of harmony.

Learning harmony is called constancy.

Learning constancy is called enlightenment.

Increasing life is called ill omen.

Mind using energy Ki is called strength.

If a thing is strong, it gets old.

This is called being against Tao.

If you are against Tao, you come to an early end.



When you attain Dark Depth, or Tao, you are like a baby.

You know that you create your hologram, so you don't do yourself any harm.

In your hologram there is no danger.

You are safe. Don't be afraid.

Be weak and soft even when you hold Tao tightly, although the expression "hold something tightly" is not an appropriate one. You don't "hold" anything tightly. Rather, it can be said, "Being soft and weak is one effective way to be one with Tao". Soften your own self. Weaken it. Then, it is very easy to remember that your own self is part of the hologram.

The intercourse of a male and a female creates harmony. A baby knows it and is in the harmony. When you are weak and soft like a baby, you can use Dark Depth Female. You are ready to project your hologram.

When you are like a baby, you are "at the peak" of your creation. You are creating your hologram as you like.

Even if you "cry out all day long", true You will never be exhausted. For you cry in your hologram, which is an illusion. True You are Tao.

In fact, you are always in harmony.

You are always in harmony. Remember it.

You don't have to seek Satori, or enlightenment, because you are already enlightened.

Don't try to add anything to life, which is your hologram.

Don't let your mind confuse you. Your mind is part of your hologram, which is just a catalyst. Don't let your mind analyze the world (=your hologram). Just accept the world. "Strength" means force. Don't force yourself.

If you understand the mechanism of Yin and Yang cycle, you know the danger of being matured. A matured person is obviously older than others.

Don't grow up. You are against Tao. Be like a baby, and you will always be with Tao.

Logically, as you grow up, you get closer to an end. Remember that true You are Tao. Time is part of your hologram.

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