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Chapter 60


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  60-1 Boil fish
  60-2 Demons are not gods
  60-3 Gods hurt no people
  60-4 Sage hurts no people
  60-5 None hurt
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 60]  Control / English translation

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Governing a big country is like boiling a little fish.

If you use Tao to approach the world under the sky, its demons are not gods.

It is not only that the demons are not gods, but that its gods don't hurt people.

It is not only that the gods don't hurt people, but the sage doesn't hurt the people, either.

The two don't hurt each other.

Hence, the attainment returns to each other.



"A big country" signifies your hologram. When you treat your hologram, do it as if you are "boiling a little fish", that is to say, don't meddle.

If you approach your hologram (="the world under the sky") by knowing that true You are Tao and the world (=your hologram) is just a catalyst, you don't be afraid of anything. Since you are the one who projects a demon or something "evil", how can it have control over you like a god? No matter how awful it looks, you will see why it is there eventually. Don't judge.

It is not only that something "evil" doesn't have control over you, but that something that you think has control over you doesn't have it, either. For you are projecting it, too.

It is not only that something that you think has control over you doesn't have it, but your own self doesn't have it, either. Your own self is part of your hologram. Your feelings and memories are like clouds in the sky. You are not responsible for them.

Nothing controls you because you are the one who projects all in your mind. Even your mind is part of your hologram. Your mind and body are not true You.

Hence, when you attain Tao, you "return" to Tao. What do you have to do to attain it? Nothing. Because you are always with Tao. You don't have to "return" to it, either. You have only to remember that true You are Tao.

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