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Chapter 61


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  61-1 Satori = Reality
  61-2 Intercourse
  61-3 Female of the world
  61-4 Female beats male
  61-5 By stillness
  61-6 Under small
  61-7 Under big
  61-8 By going down
  61-9 Gather & Raise
  61-10 Work on people
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 61]  Country / English translation

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A big country is the lower reaches of the river.

It's the intercourse of the world under the sky.

It's the female of the world under the sky.

The female always beats the male because of its stillness.

By stillness, she gets lower.

Therefore, a big country takes a small country by going under the small country.

A small country takes a big country by going under the big country.

Therefore, some take it by going down. Others go down and take it.

A big country simply wants to gather and raise people.

A small country simply wants to enter and work on people.

If each wants to get what she wants, the big one should go down.



"A big country" means "to be one with Tao". At "the lower reaches of " a river (=life, =your hologram), you can be one with Tao. Or, you can remember that true You are Tao.

To be one with Tao is "the intercourse" between Tao and your hologram (="the world under the sky").

By accepting all, you can use Dark Depth Female. That's how you can be one with Tao.

Using Dark Depth Female is always better than acting directly on your hologram (=the world). Accept all and be still.

By accepting all and trying not to act, you can be one with Tao.

"A big country" indicates Tao and "a small country" your hologram. Therefore, by accepting your hologram (=the world), you can be one with Tao.

By assimilating Tao's energy, your hologram can appear.

Therefore, you can "reach Satori or enlightenment" by accepting the world (=your hologram) intentionally. Or, you can "reach it" and be one with Tao by doing so without intention.

Tao just wants to "raise" your hologram (=people). Raising means accepting. Tao doesn't control anything. (☞See Capable = Incapable 45-6)

A hologram stimulates Tao to create another hologram. In Zen Buddhism, they say, "Your self is mountains, rivers, and lands". The others just want to control your own self, and the latter just wants to control the former. But neither control anything. (☞See Inmo & No mind 49-10)

Tao needs to cycle (=Yin Yang circle). Your hologram (=the world) functions as a catalyst to stimulate the cycle. You should "go down" and be submissive in order to be one with Tao. That's Dark Depth Female.

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